Nertera — care at home


Nertera belongs to the family Rubiaceae.

Grows in South America, Australia, Southeast Asia and New Zealand.

The name of this genus comes from the word «nerteros», which translated into Russian means «low».

Decumbent plant, a perennial, has creeping stems and small rounded suprotivno the located leaves.

The flowers are white, bloom closer to the summer. Then there are the berries of an orange-red hue, with a diameter of approx 1 cm because of this fruit plant is also called «coral moss».

Nertera in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Nester at home loves bright light, enough survives well in lightly shaded areas. Summer flower can be put on the street.

In this case, you need to think about how to protect it from direct sun, drafts, and precipitation. Autumn and winter, the flower needs additional lighting.

Lack of light leads to the rapid growth, which adversely affects the decorative look.


Summer Nertera kept in a room with a temperature not exceeding 20°C in winter, the best temperature is considered to be 10-12°C, the main thing that it did not fall below 7°C.

Watering and humidity

In spring and summer the plant needs abundant watering. Water is necessary to defend. In winter reduce watering artery, but in any case it is unacceptable to prevent drying out the land.

Fertilizer artery

Fed very little, so that the sheets are not closed beautiful berries. Pour nertera special fertilizer once a month, winter feeding did not stop, but reduce its frequency (every 2 months).

Transplantation and propagation

Provided that the plant wintered well, it can be transplanted, but only before flowering. For replanting choose a wide and shallow container.

Soil for transplanting should be loose and absorbent. For composing the substrate sheet is used, turf and humus soil, sand and peat (all in equal amounts).

In the process of transplanting artery in the home land do not need to seal and stamp on the bottom need to drain.

Propagated Nester two types: by dividing the root and seeds. Seeds planted early in the year. A more convenient method of propagation by rhizome.

A rhizome is separated into several pieces and planted in individual pots. It is important to know the middle ground irrigation, which continue to adhere to, because the excess water leads to decay, and the deficit – drying.

Nertera - care at home

Pests nerdery and fight with them

Harm can flowers whiteflies, spider mites, scale, mealybug and aphids.

With the appearance of aphids, the plant should be treated with actellic or Malathion.

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