Nerina — care at home


Gamblers or, as often called is a plant, Narina – bulbous perennial, belonging to the family Amaryllidaceae.

Only the genus has about 30 species, each of which strikes with the beauty of their flowers.

Nerina treat whimsical plants achieve flowering which can only be strictly observing the rules of care.

It is very important to provide a cool and dry contents in the winter. To do this, you can make a pot of onion on a freezing balcony, porch or loggia, and in the dry basement. The temperature should not fall below 2 degrees Celsius.

Gamblers in home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Narina at home feels great in bright diffused light. In autumn, lighting is very important for the flower buds, which most plants require additional lighting during this period.


In summer the temperature should be maintained at 20-24 degrees, and in winter from 8 to 10 degrees. The winter «cool» the plant necessary for abundant flowering in the following year.


In the period of intensive growth and flowering nerine in the home should be watered moderately, allowing the soil to slightly dry out between waterings.

When the plants begin to wither away leaves, then watering is quite necessary to stop. Thus, Nerina gaining strength during the period of rest following flowering. High humidity is not essential for plants, so spray it is not necessary.

Fertilizer Nerina

Make a weak solution of fertilizer for flowering plants begin to appear scarcely the tops of the leaves or the stalks.

Carry out feeding during watering 1 time in 2 weeks. After flowering, feed the plant some time, and at the beginning of the yellowing of the leaves, feeding is stopped.

Transplantation and propagation Nerina

It is not recommended to transplant the plant more than 1 time in 4-5 years. Transplant gamblers in April, using this large pot, the bottom of which is placed a thick layer of drainage.

Substrate for planting consists of equal parts of sand, humus and sod land. The bulbs are dug into the soil, leaving above the surface only the upper part intact.

Propagated plant is a subsidiary of the follicles and sometimes seeds. For growing nerine from seed, sown and kept at a temperature of about 24 degrees. Seedlings are pleased with their appearance not earlier than 16-18 days, and flowering plants occurs roughly 4-5 years.

Daughter bulbs atheistic during transplanting and planted in individual pots. To admire the flowering will be in 3 years.

Pests gamblers and fight with them

Nerina is exposed to «attacks» the bulbous root mites, mealybug and scale insects.

Nerina - care at home

Damage mealybugs will help spraying the plants with mild soap and water or use Actara.

For getting rid of the root of the tick they damaged the bulbs should be kept in Neurone or Actellic.

To combat scale insects Nerina sprayed with Malathion or Actellic.

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