Nephrolepis — care at home


Homeland Nephrolepis – tropics and South-East Asia.

Herbaceous plant has a vertical root.

At the root apex there is a socket that forms long (up to 70cm.) light green per’evidnye leaves. They are called Vayu.

Due to their special structure, the plant looks like lace. On the roots are formed leafless whip. They put down roots and formed a new escape.

Nephrolepis is very hardy and grows rapidly. Plant it in pots and in hanging pots.

The flower is the adornment of halls, staircases, can be in the bathroom if there is a window.

Nephrolepis in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

As Nephrolepis grows in the tropics, it likes warmth very much, but to put the container with the plant near a heating appliance is not. Very useful to wash the leaves of the plant in the shower.

In the heat should be sprayed with water and thin out the leaves. If the leaves remain wet, the plant can get sick with fungus.

Nephrolepis likes partial shade. If the plant is in a room where direct sunlight it should be protected from direct sunlight, for example, use the blinds or put a flower near the window. It is good to place the plant on the North side.


In order to plant at home is well developed, it is necessary to observe a temperature mode. In the summer, at least +20°C, and in autumn and winter is not below +15°C. Nephrolepis does not like drafts, but you need to ventilate the room.

Watering and humidity

Flower needs abundant watering. The ground should be moist, but not flooded. Water for irrigation need to be defended. The plant does not tolerate high humidity. If the root collar is visible from drainage holes of the container, it is better to pour water in the pan.


Fertilize Nephrolepis in the home you need in two weeks once. It is a special fertilizer for indoor plants. One of them is a potassium HUMATE which had a good effect on the growth of houseplants.

Transplant Nephrolepis

Transplant when roots appear in the drainage. For such a developed root system needs srednekislye soil.

Need to transplant the plant in a large pot with soil from peat moss and vermiculite. Nephrolepis propagated by dividing the Bush, spikes and whips.

Pests and fight with them

The main pests of Nephrolepis – a scale insects and spider mites. The plant is sick due to poor irrigation and low

Nephrolepis - care at home


From spider mites to cope easier: to remove cobwebs and wash the leaves with water.

For the destruction of the pest need a solution atletiki in the calculation: 1 liter of water – 2 milligrams means.

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