Nepenthes — care at home


It’s quite difficult to communicate with the green predator, but the pleasure you get big.

Especially when looking at bright jugs hanging from its stems, which is located inside the juice and goes his own unusual life.

To create the necessary conditions for the existence of the water-lilies like Golden mustache, quite a few small black flies or a fly for the entire year.

So, after all, flies do not feel sorry for her beloved flower.

Only here to grow nepenthes difficult and useful to any Board of people who have passed this way.

Nepenthes in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Normal plant growth is possible only in conditions of strong light, even in direct sunlight for 5 hours.

In autumn and winter requires extra lighting. Often use hanging pots and special supports for the plant stems. In this position, the brightly colored jars look beautiful and mysterious.


The most comfortable flower t +25°C in summer and +20°C in winter. The combination of heat and high humidity needed by the plants in the home throughout the year.

And then at the appropriate time of the growing season, the leaf tips will start to thicken and formed a jug. Its color and form will depend on the varieties of Nepenthes.

The most common are sorta «winged», «truncated», «bottle», «hairy», «dvuhdverny».

Watering and humidity

The main element of correct care for Nepenthes at home is watering. The soil in the pot should always be moist but without stagnant water.

The General humidity of the atmosphere at the location of the flower it is desirable to maintain 70%. In dry air, the pitchers are not formed.

Especially a lot of pitchers, dies during the winter include heating appliances. Categorically prohibited the use of ordinary waste water. Should be watered only with distilled water.


Nepenthes is very bad refers to the mineral salts and trace elements contained in fertilizers. Feeding is carried out rarely and do it in a period of growth of stems and leaves to form the flower with the help of small doses of complex fertilizers. Organic fertilizers do not feed it.

Transplantation and propagation

The easiest Nepenthes at home propagated from rooted cuttings. Moreover, because of the rapid growth of plants they are always a lot, but to prune it is necessary.

On the selected handle keep 4 leaf, planted in a pot and placed in a greenhouse, in which is supported a t +23°C.

Touch and rotate the pot is not recommended. Transplant the plants produced in the spring in a new pot. Better

Nepenthes - care at home

best to use the basket for orchids filled with soil for their cultivation.

Thus it is necessary to take into account the greater fragility of its roots. To enhance the branching and create a beautiful Bush hold regular spring pruning, removing old branches.

Looking at your flower is easy to imagine the distant Seychelles or Madagascar, where there are the strongest members of the genus Nepenthes.

This is a huge vine wrapped around tree trunks, decorating a big beautiful jugs that can destroy even a bat.

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