Neoregelia care at home


Neoregelia is considered a fairly common plant that is valued by lovers of bromeliads.

Such love to this representative connected with the beauty of its leaves.

Flowers need much space, because it cannot grow in width.

The leaves of the plant in length can reach 40 cm and width 5 cm.

On the edge of the sheet is a light-yellow strip, the center has a Carmine red colour. The beauty of the leaves complement the blue flowers. Before flowering, you may notice that the middle outlet acquired a red color.

Neoregeliyu in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Plants need diffused or reflected light, because in nature it grows on tree branches that provide shade. Of course, you can grow a flower on the windowsill, gradually accustoming it to direct sunlight.

Over time, neoregelia adapt in home conditions and will be able to get bright sunlight in small amounts.

It is best to place members of the family of bromeliads near the South window or on the window sills of the East and West sides. In winter the plant should be in a bright room.

Quite often, the flower has to be put on a table or shelf due to the large size, so you need to take care of additional lighting (fluorescent lamps).


In the spring and summer neoregelia grown at 20-25°C in winter, plants need a cooler room, the temperature at which about 16°C. Due to this temperature bloom can last for six months.

Watering and humidity

Flower survives well in damp conditions, at least 60%. It is very easy to achieve such humidity in the terrarium.

At home, the plant needs to be sprayed frequently, in addition a pot of flowers to place on a tray with wet expanded clay, so that the bottom does not have enough water.


Neoregelia feeding at home begins in may and ends in August. Fertilizers are applied once every month.

Feed the flower with a special compound for bromeliads, you can also try and fertilizers for common plants (in this case, the dose is reduced three times).

Transplantation and propagation neoregelia

After the flower withered, the mother plant begins to die, and his descendants can be planted in a special soil mixture (you can take a special mix for orchids). For transplantation is a preference for wide bowls.

Neoregelia propagated by using side shoots and seeds. Side shoots right to cut after regrowth of their own roots.

Neoregelia care at home

Neoregelia pests and fight with them

Among the main pests of plants can be distinguished perniciosus, mealybug, spider mites and aphids.

To combat San Jose scale plant should be sprayed with insecticide solution.

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