Necessary preparation for sowing seed

preparation of seeds for sowing

With the approach of spring gardeners to begin preparing the planting, prepare soil mix, bought the missing vegetable seeds, checked stocks of yesteryear.

In General, to cultivate good and healthy seedlings, it is necessary to prepare the soil and planting material.

Preparation of seeds for sowing

For reception of amicable shoots and a good harvest is necessary to prepare seeds for sowing.

As they can surface to carry spores of fungal diseases and other harmful microorganisms. First, seeds are disinfected.

For such training is well suited aloe Vera juice or hydrogen peroxide. A solution of potassium permanganate it is better not to use especially for the preparation of seeds, beans, processed and inlaid, they have already been processed, additional intervention will wash away all the useful components.

If the seeds of their own and in need of disinfection, soak them first in water so they are soaked with moisture, or when soaking dry seeds, seep solutions that are not designed for this.

Using hydrogen peroxide, prepare a 1% solution, and using a spray bottle moisten the seeds.

For reception of amicable shoots spend growth stimulation for this purpose is well-suited biological product » Baikal EM-1, EPIN and succinic acid.

Some seeds have a hard thick shell, can be subjected to scarification by thermal or mechanical means, to reduce the time of germination, it is another kind of seed preparation for sowing.

During heat preparation for sowing seed, planting material is placed in a gauze

preparation of seeds for sowing

pouch for a few seconds and placed in boiling water, then into ice water.

So repeated 2-3 times, then examine the seeds that have burst the shell, pull with the other then repeat the procedure.

When the mechanical process is carried out slight damage to the shell: fine sandpaper, river sand or nadpilivayut, incised and pierced.

Acting chemical method of softening the surface of the seed a dense, concentrated acids. At home such chemical scarification should not be carried out.

In the preparation of the scarification of the seeds need the gacanii, sweet pea, pelargonium, and that have been independently collected all the plant material is sold without the shell.

preparation of seeds for sowing

Left to prepare for planting, the soil here can be useful a 1% solution of potassium permanganate, which need to carry out surface treatment.

Also good effect the heat treatment in the oven, evenly spread the soil in a baking dish and, stirring occasionally hold for about 30 minutes at a temperature of 15ºC.

After the heat treatment in the soil are killed, not only harmful, but also beneficial micro-organisms.

Therefore, the «dead» soil, it is desirable to revive, watering with a solution of diluted mullein.

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