Natural garden products

natural garden products

Products for the infield, made by hand, are a real adornment for the garden.

Every gardener wants to make new crafts for garden, which are unusual, beautiful and exclusive.

For this purpose are any old things that you can repaint or make the appropriate shapes.

The most popular and beautiful decorative elements derived not from the old galoshes or tires, and, of course, from natural materials.

What can make nature crafts to make them look attractive, unusual and served as a garden decoration?

If the area there are old stumps, there’s no rush to get rid of them. In addition to the popular mushrooms from stumps and empty bowls, you can create absolutely new and unusual element of the decor.

For this you need to clean the inside of the stump and place them in a stump instead of a light bulb of small size. In the stump, drill several small holes then insert the car lights.

On the stump top wear a colored lid from an old metal tank — it will be a hat. The pompom to make a smooth piece of concrete or a rounded stone. Cutter to outline the mouth and nose, to outline facial features.

With one hand near the stump to plant ivy, its tendrils will serve as the curls of the stump. The night watchman in the garden is ready!


Beautifully will look like a flower bed, made of several wooden chocks. To do this, put three lumps next to a triangle.

At the top of each chock to put any picture using colored fragments of tile. On the sides to cover the stumps with a transparent varnish, and between the chocks put beautiful planters with flowers.

Each of the cottager, whose land grows a pine, with a rich fall of pine cones. Many owners throw them out, but they can make very original and beautiful products.

For example, right under a pine tree, you can put a cute hedgehog. To do this, sprinkle with fine tracing paper the place where will be the hedgehog, and big stones to put the edge, get a kind of flowerbed.

In the middle of this flower bed to put an empty plastic bottle of brown color with black cap.

On the bottle with glue «Moment» glue fallen pine cones in the form of a hedgehog needles, avoiding the top of the bottle, which would muzzle the animal.

Stick bumps need several rows to get a rather bulky needle ball. To the face to glue two white lids from bottles and paint them with black paint, the eyes are will eyes. Cute hedgehog ready!

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