Myrtillocactus — care at home


Despite this houseplant, you can well imagine yourself wandering the endless Sands of the desert, where want to lie down in the shade of lush trees.

But only a huge live spiny pillars get in the way.

Maybe a little sad, but that’s only until in sight of the delicate tubular flowers of white, pink or greenish in color, nestled among the spines on the ribbed trunks of the giant.

Even more surprising its edible fruit very similar to blueberries. And immediately the question arises, «What is it?» Maybe you can take away seeds to grow at home?

Myrtillocactus or «blueberry cactus» has long been a popular houseplant. This is one of the largest home cacti belonging to the genus of perennial succulent and has 4 views.

Its distinguishing feature is the presence of new buds, which develop multiple stems, which create a General view of a huge tree with branches.

The plant in the home can reach a height of 1 m, and the diameter of the stem 4 see the Most common «Myrtillocactus geometric» and «Myrtillocactus cochal».

Myrtillocactus in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

For planting Myrtillocactus it is necessary to choose southern lit places. It can be under the direct rays of the sun.

The amount of light affects the shade of a barrel cactus. Beautiful blue plaque, powerful spines, one of which the biggest is on the top and reminiscent of the mysterious Martian antenna is created only with good sunlight.

Nature itself has invented protection against the effects of ultraviolet light in the appearance of the blue coloration on the stem and the surface layer of wax from other adverse effects.


The plant likes heat. But when the temperature is 10°With myrtillocactus not die, just slower growing and not in a hurry to wear my blue outfit.

Watering and humidity

Like any houseplant during the rapid growth of the cactus like irrigation. He needs to rest in winter. We can not allow the excess moisture. This requires good drainage.


Complex mineral fertilizer designed for cacti, it is desirable to make a dry early in the growing season or liquid from early spring to mid-summer.

Transplantation and propagation

The plant does not like transplanting. This should be done only when necessary, for example, diseases or pests.

To increase the size of the pot is not recommended. Propagated Myrtillocactus at home with fresh seed or side shoots.

Seeds are planted in summer, the pots of soil for cacti, which you must keep moist at t22°C.

Any cactus brings to our accommodation spell. The magic of his spines has long been used in various ritualistic actions.

This pot is placed near the front door, forbidding the evil forces to penetrate into the house.

Myrtillocactus - eye

The presence of a huge number of useful properties concluded in its stem, thorns, flowers have a positive effect on health and psychological condition of all home.

Appears tolerant of the principles and opinions of others, decreases excessive emotionality. Treatment some of them helps in various inflammatory diseases.

But homeopathic remedies Myrtillocactus help to keep our heart after a heart attack.

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