My experience of growing potatoes from seed

the cultivation of seed potatoes

I read a lot about how to grow potatoes from seed.

Familiarized with various options and now I want to share my experience of growing potatoes from seed.

To grow potatoes from seeds I started 4 years ago.

It all happened by coincidence: went to buy tomato seeds and saw the bags of seed potatoes.

I was curious and I bought two bags of varieties of «Farmer» and «Lada». Carefully read the guidelines and did everything the way it was written.

Soaked seeds of each variety of 10 pieces, planted them in a small box, two weeks later, the seeds sprouted and then began my torment.

Lighting was insufficient, the plants stretched, fell. I gave them the land, but still the seedlings were puny. Couldn’t wait when the opportunity came to take them to the garden.

There I was transplanted into their tortured seedlings in the ground, covered them with acrylic, and decided that my experiment with potatoes will be finished. But where do the rest of the seeds? Throw a pity.

I decided to try to sow them in the greenhouse. Soaked seeds for a day in warm water. Made the notch, poured hot water and sow in them seeds, top coated with acrylic.

After about two weeks the seeds began to sprout. Seedlings were disjointed, turned out, which is empty where thick. All went 16 of bushes. As extension, I pull up to the bushes the ground and they grew well.

When passed the threat of frost, after 10 June, I prepared a bed and planted bushes. They have assimilated well. Until the end of July my seedlings was not different from potato plants, planted in the usual way, the same high and powerful.

We dug up the potatoes at the end of September (tops were still green) and was surprised with the results. Each hive was 5 to 7 pieces the size of a hen’s egg and more. The entire crop was deposited in a seed Fund.

While the seedlings are grown at home, gradually matured, but the crop they were worse. Inspired by this result, the following year I decided to continue my experiment. I bought seeds of other varieties: «gonna», «Milena», «Empress», «the Ballad».

In the spring, as soon as there was the opportunity to come to the garden, sowed them in the greenhouse (soak for two days). The sort of «Assol» went bad, while others germinate well.

Further, I acted on the already well-known scheme. Autumn was surprised by the sort of «Ballad» up to 10 pieces of potatoes in the bushes and 2-3 pieces large. Since then I have continued every year to grow potatoes from seed, thereby updating the seed Fund.

As a result of his experience, I made sure of that sown in late April in the greenhouse, the potatoes, not extended, does not suffer from lack of light and manages to give a good harvest.

Potatoes well tolerated transplant, you just have to carefully dig up the Bush along with a small lump

the cultivation of seed potatoes

lands, because the roots already have 1 -2 small tuber.

You first need to prepare the flower bed, outline the shallow basin, fill them with compost, watered, planted them the seedlings, cover for a few days from the sun, and then the care is the same as for conventional potatoes.

Try it and you will like it. This year I bought a new varieties of seed potatoes, I will try to soak them in hot water may seedlings appear sooner and more amicably. Sevastyanov S. N. UFA

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