Murayya — care at home


Murayya or area (Murraya) is an evergreen plant belonging to the family Rutaceae (Rutaceae).

Home muraji are tropical parts of Asia. At room conditions grown «muriu paniculate».

It is an evergreen tree or shrub has a grayish bark and reaches 2 meters in height.

Murayya in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Murayya photophilous plant, however, does not tolerate direct sunlight, as they can cause leaf burn. In the event of insufficient lighting the tree may lose leaves.

Therefore, it is best to place the pot with the sapling on the Windows that «look» to the West or the East. In the summer of murayya will react well if you put it outdoors on the North-West balcony or in the garden, while protecting from direct sunlight and rain.

In winter, the plant in the home should be dosvechivat, but if this is not possible, then it is placed in the brightest place of the room, but away from heating appliances.

For the formation of beautiful uniform of the crown, a pot of plant need to from time to time to turn.


Murayya heat-loving plant. In winter the temperature in the range of 16-17 degrees. Be sure that the tree didn’t hit the cold glass.

If the winter temperature is higher, the Murray will continue to grow, but will suffer from insufficient lighting.

Watering and humidity

Plants in the home requires regular watering to prevent the drying of soil, as even a short drought can cause plant death.

Humidity should be at least 60%. If the room air is more dry, it is necessary to carry out spraying of plants. You can also put a pot of murraya on a tray filled with damp moss, sand or pebbles.

Fertilizer muraji

Plant nutrition is carried out from spring to autumn during the period of growth. Fertilizers must be integrated mineral that does not contain chlorine. Make them in the evening after watering.

Transplantation and propagation

Murail transplanted every spring. To do this, prepare a mixture of turf and leaf earth, humus and sand.

You can use ready store-bought mixture of «Lemon». Transplant carried out transshipment, ensuring preservation of earthen coma, so as not to damage the roots.

To propagate Murail at home, cuttings and seeds. The best way of seeds, however, they must be sown immediately after harvesting, over time, reduced germination.

Seedlings appear in about 2 weeks. For propagation by cuttings semilignified shoots are cut off and root them in moist sand or perlite water. Rooting occurs in 2-3 weeks under the condition of constant heating of the soil.

Pests Murali and fight with them

Murayya - care at home

The plant is subjected to «attacks of» red spider mites and whiteflies.

To determine the presence of the tick will help a sticky discharge on the leaves and the trunk, and thin gossamer.

To combat this pest using Actellic . But whitefly will help to overcome Actar.

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