Mulching with grass, sawdust – why mulch the soil

Mulching with grass, sawdust

The purpose of mulch is to keep soil moist in the upper layers, while weeds won’t have a chance to grow.

Also mulch is a definite source of nutrients, in addition, this layer protects plants in the winter by peremerzaniya.

Mulch will «work» in that case, if the layer is to be not less than 8 cm.

when using mulch, you can forget about weeding, since the grass is simply unable to reach the top.

Under the mulch formed a favorable environment for development, for example, earthworms. The appearance of slugs, do not panic, as they only feed on the withered grass, and mulch is their source of food.

And vegetables they would not be touched. But, what herbs you can use for mulching?

Almost every dacha is a weed, so you can run a mulching grass.

It cut grass can enrich the area with nutrients. But when using it the main thing that grass did not have seeds because they can consequence to germinate.

The grass height grass up to 14 cm from the need to dry and then protect the soil. This approach will be fine to warm the soil in winter and spring the grass will have time to humus and will be a great fertilizer. The thickness of the layer for a vegetable garden should be not less than 45 cm, while stem portion of tree about 75 cm.

When mulching grass, you can use alfalfa, which will have a positive impact on productivity, and for any plant. Alfalfa can just lay around the plants and lightly added dropwise.

The latter method will contribute to improvement of soil structure by increasing nitrogen content. Mulching with grass, especially with weeds, deters various pests, particularly slugs and snails. Besides, nettle is an excellent growth stimulant for plants.

Mulching sawdust, also no less effective and cheapest way, especially if there is a sawmill.

To the micro-organisms need nitrogen, so to begin the process of decomposition, it is recommended that sawdust was added dropwise. You can use softwood shavings, oak, hardwood.

Mulching sawdust is performed for bulbous crops, such as onions, garlic and tulips. The height of the layer is not more than 7 cm.

Carrots can be mulched only after the height of the foliage will reach about 7 cm For carrots, root vegetables and strawberries the thickness of the mulch layer up to 4 cm

Mulching with grass, sawdust

It should say that mulching with sawdust allowed only the material that had a little lay down and eroded, as the fresh sawdust contains resins. The coat should be thick, otherwise weeds will grow.

Also standing in front of the shelter to water the soil with nitrogen fertilizers, in particular slurry. This is also great rotted compost. But first you need to know the acidity of the soil.

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