Mulching of the soil (mulch with your hands)

mulching of garden beds (soil)

Mulching is turfing plants and vegetables in the garden and in the garden at the cottage mulch.

Mulch can be organic (manure, straw, grass, sawdust, etc.) and decorative (plastic sheets, gravel, plastic).

Mulching garden beds with organic matter improves the soil surface and protects it from erosion. Mulch reduces moisture evaporation from the beds, prevents the formation of superficial crust and enriches the soil with beneficial elements.

Mulching the soil helps to fight weeds, plus the surface will almost always loose. The mulch protects the fertile lands from erosion, and in winter from freezing. Decorative mulching of the soil gives all the advantages.

Mulching of garden beds (mulch with your hands)

The problem which exists among many gardeners, the weak fertility of the land.

The soil becomes exhausted, solid and gray. All this, of course, affects the harvest, and for the worse.

You can dramatically change the situation and increase the yield of your vegetable garden with natural farming.

To do this, after the soil in the garden warms up, and sprout germination, it loosened and mulched the beds between planting layer about 7cm.

Preparing the mulch with your hands, here at the cottage. Just go and mow the taller grass on the lawn or on the lawn. More this season tillage is not required.

This way you can mulch the soil with any crops bushes, berries, planting in the greenhouse, trees in the fruit garden. In the final version the whole garden, all the flower beds and the garden should be covered with mulch.

When mulching soil, will open the access of oxygen to plant roots, eliminating the need for continuous loosening of the beds after the rains and the need for frequent watering. Thus increase soil fertility, and increase productivity.

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