Muhlenbeckia — care at home


Homeland Liana or amp plants, namely Muhlenbeckia New Zealand.

It is good to use to obrushivaniya any support, besides that it looks great in hanging pots.

In winter, the plant may partially lose leaves, it suggests that a period of rest.

This amp plant blossoms small white flowers, which are aggregated in inflorescences.

Muhlenbeckia in the home — care tips

 Location and lightingthe Plant loves light, so a dark place is not suitable for cultivation. Muhlenbeckia fast developing have Windows East, South and West sides.


For good growth during the summer Muhlenbeckia necessary in the temperature range of 20-26°C. in Winter the temperature is gradually lowered to 13°C (at this time resets the leaves). Flower survives poorly in drafts, and in areas with sudden changes in temperature.

Watering and humidity, the Plant does not suffer from dryness in rooms with Central heating, but quite demanding to soil moisture: dryness or excessive moisture of the soil in the pot leads to defoliation or even death of the plant.

No need for constant spraying, but you need to keep an eye on the soil: prevent drying out or waterlogged.


Feeding of Muhlenbeckia at home is not more than once every 2-3 weeks. Fertilize the plant best fertilizer for flowering plants.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplanted plants at home every year, usually in spring. You need to make good drainage, the soil needs to dry out quickly.

As a primer you can use a mixture of peat, leaf, clay-loam, and sand. The flower grows on different soils: acidic and slightly alkaline.

Muhlenbeckia propagated in several ways: seed, stick, division, rhizomes and layering.

After pollination, the seeds should ripen within a month, you need to sow them in a mixture of peat and sand in March

or April. To dive in pots need after true leaves appear.

Planted in a permanent place, it is recommended a year after the spring frosts have passed.

For vegetative propagation is necessary in July to cut the ripened cuttings of 8-10 cm, root them in water, then planted in pots.

To transplant the plant should be gently, to avoid breakage of the roots, which is bad for the further cultivation of the flower.

Pests of muhlenbeckia

The plant may be affected schitovkoy and spider mites.

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