Morning glories, planting and care

Morning glory - landing

Landscape design is a very successful solution can be called a breeding Bunkov vines.

Planting morning glory in the garden will help to create a cozy area for relaxation.

Pergolas, gazebos and just a fence or a house wall will be a great support for the «crawling» up the plant.

Growing Ipomoea

Bright colorful birch, which boasts a large number of colors of his «phonograph», is an annual plant.

So it will have sown every spring. But don’t worry if seeds are not collected on time – the morning glory can reproduce by self-seeding.

In the southern regions of the country gardeners sow the flower directly into the ground, making it the holes at a small distance from each other. In each hole, you can lay 2-3 seeds, pre-soaked.

In other climatic zones such planting Ipomoea is not rational – vine will not have time to bloom before cold weather.

So it should start with growing seedlings, which are planted in the open ground with the advent of sustainable heat.

The swollen seeds are immediately planted in peat cups or you can use peat tablets, and this substrate is then transferred to birch in a permanent place.

You can sow the seeds directly into the container, which then stand in the yard (or balcony).

In what capacity did not progresivos morning glory seeds, it is necessary to provide greenhouse conditions – cover it with glass.

While to germinate morning glory, care is watering (as the drying of the substrate) and a daily airing. After sprouts appear (2 weeks), the glass must be clean.

Plant care

Once the seedlings develop 3-4 full leaves, you can plant the vine on fresh air (if not freeze). We should immediately provide for bindweed resistance, directing the trailing stems.

Morning glory-care requires constant. It is especially important to create comfortable conditions in the first days of transplanting the plants.

If the first vine were sown in stationary containers when transplanting seedlings, try to whom the land was large enough.

The first days Wallpaper the morning glory will have to cover up from the sun’s rays, giving her thus to adapt to the new location, which should be kept away from drafts.

Making the fence from bushes of morning glories, place the seedlings at a distance apart not less than 20 cm.

Immediately feed the plant nitrogen fertilizer. Subsequent feeding need potassium-phosphorus mixture during budding and flowering period.

But keep in mind that if you overdo it with phosphorus, the morning glory will not bloom, but hard to go to growth.

Watering should be frequent (especially in summer), but pour also not that waterlogged morning glory

Morning glory - care

can get sick. In a very rainy summer, you may have to think about the shelter of the vines.

Morning glory blooms until the first frosts. After the vine will wither, the stem is cut, the roots are also removed from the earth.

Boxes of seeds, try to collect before the frost to improve the quality of planting material for next season.

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