Monstera — care at home


Will there be rain today?

To know not only listening to the weather forecast over Breakfast.

But much earlier, when waking up, throw a careful look at your potted plants.

Among them are certainly true prompter of the weather, for example, a luxurious split Monstera leaves, the edges of which are silver droplets of water shortly before the start of rain.

The main thing is to be attentive and not to miss this moment for amazing and weird plants that came into our homes from distant South America, along with many scary legends.

The fashion for growing this tropical flower is back. The appearance of new houses, greenhouses, winter gardens created perfect conditions for the cultivation of fast-growing vines.

Simplicity in terms of growth, highly ornamental, which allow you to decorate any room, made the Monster one of the most popular plants gardeners.

Sitting under her huge beautiful leaves, well imagine yourself a pioneer of the jungle and dream. And just for this it is necessary to heed the advice of experienced professionals to carry out the subsequent advice on its cultivation.

Monstera — care at home

 Location and lighting

To Monstera leaves in the home was of large dimensions it should be placed in the Eastern or Western part of the room.

The amount of light to be adjusted, avoiding direct bright sunlight. But she likes bright diffused light.

When there is insufficient light the leaves do not appear, their basic jewelry cuts and holes, they are smaller, shoots elongated.

When there is too much light the leaves turn yellow and curl. Do not put a potted plant near a heating device.


Despite the fact that it is a tropical plant, Monstera at home is not demanding to maintain the high temperature for growth. Optimum is t18°C. the Flower is not like drafts.

Watering and humidity

Watered Monstera soft water pooled. Can not wait for the drying out of the topsoil. In winter reduce watering.

Liana responsive to wetting and wiping with a damp cloth it leaves. This can be done daily. In case of over watering the leaves turn yellow and rot.


Feeding of adult plants in the home is carried out twice a month complete mineral fertilizer for indoor plants. The shortage of supply the plant has yellow leaves.

Transplantation and propagation

Young plants are transplanted annually in the spring. Adult flower does not touch for 3-4 years. While regularly fill up fresh fertile soil to the place of the previously removed upper layer. The pot should be free.

On its bottom with a drainage fix fat stick in the future as the fulcrum around which is fixed the stem. The structural features of the vines, have aerial roots under every new leaf, require special care.

New roots should be regularly sent to the pot or in a plastic Cup with soil for extra resistance. It provides nutrition to the whole plant.

Propagation of Monstera at home is best done in spring, rooted cuttings, which

monstera - eye

are cut from the tops or mid-stem of the plant. The rooting process is produced in water, wet sand or in the moss.

Often in apartments cultivated variety «Monstera delicious». It may indeed appear beautiful white flower, and from it a tasty fruit that ripens throughout the whole year.

If the choice is made in favor of class «Monstera Variegata», it will be possible to admire the marble leaves with white stripes.

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