Money tree, crassula, crassula – care at home

tovstenko, groove tree, crassula

Crassula (Crassula) the people «the money tree» is an ornamental deciduous shrubs.

At room conditions blooms only under good care.

Leaves «crassula» wedge-shaped, brilliant some species have the edges of reddish fringing.

Flowering can be expected in the autumn-winter period. Grows up to 2 meters.

Care «money tree» is not complicated, like other succulents, «tatanka» has a natural feature to accumulate a sufficient supply of moisture, so it can be referred to the undemanding houseplants.

Species of this plant are many, but the «money tree» is called jade oval» and «tree». This is the most popular in the indoor growing.

Planting and care

If you have not got already grown and shaped plant, you need to start with an ordinary sheet or cutting.


Let the leaf, 2-3 hours weather-beaten, and then put in a small pot for plants with moist soil and cover with a transparent cap.

The soil should consist of a sheet and a light loam in equal proportions with small amounts of sand and lean clay. You can also buy ready-made ground shop for succulents. Don’t forget to provide good drainage.

«In order to «money tree» brought wealth, according to custom at the bottom of the pot put a coin».

After planting, put the pot in the most lit place in the room. «Crassula» is originally from Africa, so the dry room air and sunlight, creates conditions close to natural habitat.

According to Feng Shui the place, a window facing South-East. In summer it is desirable to put the plant on the balcony, or taken to a suburban area.

«Jade» watered abundantly, but not often, otherwise the excessive moisture can rot the roots. Earth must have time to dry. Spraying water the plant does not need.

In the process of the content, the pot needs to turn different sides to the sun, to the «money tree» is not leaning to one side so that it can be broken.

Also care to include the timely removal of damaged shoots and wilted leaves. Removing unnecessary branches, you will be able to shape a beautiful Bush, just be careful not to damage the knots.

Feeding «crassula» is performed using a liquid fertilizer for succulents. This is done 1 time per month, and only during active growth.

In winter the plant is not fed. It is also desirable for the winter pot placed in a room with a temperature in the range +12 ÷ 15°C.

Transplant «money tree» is carried out in case the pot becomes too small by way of transshipment, that is, earthen, rolled over to a larger capacity, and the void at the edges filled with fresh mixture.

During the transplant, remove damaged and damaged roots. As a rule, pests of indoor plants, rarely infest «jade», but if this happened, use the standard methods of combating specific insects.

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