Money tree — care at home

Money tree - care at home

When talking about jade, not all have an idea what kind of plant it is.

But the name «money tree» known to all. There is a belief that if you have this flower at home, it is bound to attract wealth.

And when the money tree grows poorly, does not develop its crown, complain that money is soon to appear in the house, no luck.

And pay little attention to the fact that breach of the terms of plant care.

Money tree – care at home

Bloodshot juice thick leaves and well-developed magnificent crown on a money tree is a reality. For this you need the right approach.

• Lighting. Plants in the home requires a large amount of light, but it should be scattering.


In summer, the flower better place in the South-East window, that money tree we met the dawn.

But on the South side of the plant should be moved to the cold period. Often «walk» the tree in the summer on the balcony or garden area.

• Watering. The money tree does not like excess moisture. Therefore, watering should not often the signal for the glaze is dry the soil in a flower pot. As a variant – the expanded clay in the pan, which moisturize 2-3 times a week.

• Temperature regime. Money tree quietly tolerate the room temperature in summer. But in the cold period in the room it is desirable to withstand +15 ° C.

Much moisture the air the jade is not required. But take care of hygiene from time to time wipe the leaves with damp cotton wool.

• To feed. To feed the plant need only in the activity period (April to August). Another time money tree for additional power is not needed.

Or use a special fertilizer for succulents, or a universal remedy, a flower feeding 1 time per month.

• Transplant. Transplant the money tree at home is recommended every spring.

When selecting a new pot it should be borne in mind that the plant has to grow not only in breadth – free development needs and root system. Soil Foundation – soil for succulents or cacti.

• Pests. Jade bore little parasites is that the mealybug will sometimes decide to eat the money tree. To remove the pest with the plants better

Money tree - care at home

manually with cotton wool soaked in insecticide solution.

• Illness. The main disease that attacks the flower – rot. And the reason for this is the excess moisture.

Should reduce the frequency of watering, to transfer the money tree closer to the light and more airy room.

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