Money plant care at home


Epipremnum is one of the most famous and popular houseplants.

In England it’s called «devil’s ivy», «Golden pothos», and in the Botanical environment — Epipremnum aureum.

Some people think that it is difficult to grow, but if you follow the rules, then no problems will arise.

In the most part of sheet: yellow or white color — these plants should be grown in a greenhouse or Conservatory, in a room for them not the most favorable place.

Epipremnum in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Stsindapsusy not capricious plant, but the lighting should be bright, this is not to avoid the direct sun rays in summer.

In the shadows feel not bad, although due to the lack of light leaves begin to fade and to shrink. If necessary, you will need to provide additional lighting, especially in winter.


The minimum temperature for the content not below 14 degrees, the maximum not more than 25 degrees. The optimum is in the range of 18 — 20o C.

During the winter heating season the pot with the plant is best kept away from radiators and other heat sources.

In winter, the favorable temperature for epipremnum at home the range of 16-18 degrees.

Watering and humidity

In the summer and spring need to be watered regularly and abundantly. In winter, watering is moderate, the soil should not be dry or too wet.

A plant at home do not tolerate excessive watering, the roots will begin to rot. Spray the leaves often need, money plant loves moist air.

Fertilizer money plant

The plant does not require fertilizer, but if necessary you can use a very weak solution of fertilizer for indoor plants (1 every 30-40 days).

Transplantation and propagation

Need to transplant in late February, early March. The composition of the soil is: 1 part leaf soil, 2 — peat, 3-d — compost and 4 parts sand. Stsindapsusy segments multiply apical cuttings.

Pests and fight with them

Scale — brownish plaques can be found on sheets from two parties. Damaged flower growth slows and the leaves begin to wilt.

Money plant care at home

To deal with the pest should be spraying or wiping the plants with a solution of actellic at a rate of 10 drops per half liter of water.

Trips – povishennoy is formed at a low temperature and humidity.

On the lower part of the leaves of the money plant pest lays a large number of colonies, and formed on the upper bright points which is quite difficult to find on variegated leaves.

To deal with thrips should be also spraying with insecticides such as actellic, decis, and fitoverm.

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