Moles in the garden and methods of dealing with them


If your site appeared the lumps of earth scattered where and anyhow, it means that you have moved the mole a small insectivorous animal, which usually lives in the woods, a field, or in floodplains.

In gardens and orchards moles pass only when in a permanent place of residence food for them ends.

They feed on earthworms, insect larvae that overwinter in the soil.

Before you destroy or drive away the moles, think about who brings more harm moles or beetles, wireworms and other pests?

Moles destroy them under the ground in sufficient quantity.

And the land that the moles emit to the surface, very good for growing the seeds of any plant. The dumps can be push back into the hole, and even need to do this.

But if you prefer to banish or destroy those little nurses of the soil, we offer several options.

The mole control

The safest of them is to install a homemade weather vane made of wood or metal in the middle section. The pole must be high enough and dug into the ground to a depth of one meter.

You will hardly feel discomfort, but the mole he will interfere, creating a constant vibration under the ground. One hundred percent efficiency.

The following method is to install the ultrasonic emitter, which is designed to control rodents in the areas.

It can be bought in different modifications at any hardware store. Establish usually multiple instances of repellents and do not clean them even in winter.

Another version of the extermination of moles consists in pouring boiling water nor boiling water of these animals through the output bumps to the surface.

It does not guarantee long-term result, but a period can relieve you of unwanted guests.

You can put it in wormholes outputs special traps. With nozzles in the form of rain

the hole of the mole

the worms or put it in the moves in several places large fishing hooks with the same bait.

Alternatively, you can offer Smoking sulfuric smoke: buy a smoke grenade, inserted into one of the holes and ignite the cord.

Usually the moles away from their burrows and moves to another place, away from the site.

Effective planting around the site and along the edges of garden beds legumes. Moles do not like these plants and leaves.

Well to dig 50 centimetres into the ground slate or plastic on the perimeter of the site, will also prevent the penetration of moles.

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