Modern protect the garden from thieves

Protection villas

Protecting the garden from unwanted «guests» needed constantly, not only in the winter.

Even in summer, going to the store shopping or on vacation, I want to be sure that during the absence of the owners nobody else will be able to profit by another’s property.

To increase security not only at home but also the area from the penetration of the thieves, to help modern security system.

Protect the garden from thieves

 Motion sensors

The easiest way to protect the garden, which will help to secure the site. Motion sensors can be connected to a light or audible alarm. For their installation does not requires some knowledge can do on their own.

Such devices are sold in many hardware stores. Manufacturers offer motion sensors separately, and included with the lamp or siren.

To protect the garden from thieves sensors can be placed in almost any area of the site. For example a sensor with warning lights, not leaving unnoticed the thief in the dark, and with a sound will alert you and neighbors of trespassing stranger.


In specialized stores to protect the garden you can buy equipment for surveillance for home and the entire area of the site.

Of course, such protection will cost much more expensive than the previous one, but you will know exactly who tried to enter the house.

Installation of CCTV is more complicated sensors, but most men will be able to cope on their own.

The advantage of CCTV is that to observe the territory in «live», but to view the video upon arrival to the country. Video recording can greatly facilitate the search for «intruders».

GSM alarm system

Protect the garden from thieves can be organized via GSM-controller. To buy such equipment can be in stores specializing in security systems. For mounting the controllers will have to involve specialists.

If you use together GSM-koh-controller with motion sensors and siren, you can organize a quite effective GSM alarm.

The main advantage of such protection is the ability to control the country and manage the installed equipment. In the case of penetration of thieves into the house, you will immediately receive an SMS notification on your phone.

Services private security

Along with these security systems is still relevant

protect the garden from thieves

the conclusion of the contract with private security or a Chop.

Their professionals will install the necessary equipment to protect the garden, and in the case of illegal penetration into the house, the task force immediately sent to the scene.

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