Mixborders in the country

the layout of mixborders

The success of forms of mixborders, is set initially nice and true line.

It is necessary to smooth out errors in the combinations of various plants.

Or the opposite will happen, the appropriate grade to each other will darken if not to associate them with other elements of the garden, and not to lay a special setting.

If you have already worked out the outlines of the intended composition, then you can proceed to further detailed planning.

Mixborders as a panoramic picture that is emerging in a consistent and coherent composition that has balance.

But many people understand it literally, creating several different flower beds, arranged in series one behind the other.

Creating mixborders, you need to pay attention to the shape of any of the inflorescence and the color, the size of the large plants, making this accent.

Also, at that level with that seen its subordinate elements. Together they are one whole composition. In the absence of the dependent and the main elements that is a gross mistake.

Mixborders will look much more interesting if all the accents, respectively, and images are not static in time.

The spring on the master plan will be bulbous plants, summer blooming perennials, autumn, beautiful, bright greens.

In the garden this is especially true in connection with the feature of nature, namely, its seasonal variability.

And you want to use this opportunity. As mixborders only from conifers, which are green all year round, it will look normal, and over time will cease to be interesting.

It is quite natural that from the distant view to the front of the plant height should decrease. But not necessarily to keep the mathematical dimensions in the absolute.

The transition from forest to meadow should be smooth from large shrubs or trees, small shrubs, and herbaceous plants.

Try to avoid planting in parallel rows – in nature, these compositions are not used.

A very interesting decision when planning mixborders, when a track separates his front lawn. But there is another option: the track will then enter one of mixborders, then again to return to the lawn.


This solution can be visually enlarge a small area of garden and to make the passage more delicate.

Because in nature is the same trail that goes to the clearing, hiding in the forest.

Next to the track in the country, it would be good to plant plants that attract, approach closer, and the distance from it to plant beautiful from afar.

The best effect will be achieved if mixborders is located on the West or the East.

As well as jewelry not so long ago in our country entered the fashion garden Alpine or rock gardens.

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