Mint is an ancient spice and the success of its cultivation


Peppermint — this aromatic herb, which was known for its healing properties long before our era, and still has not lost its popularity among gardeners.

Many growers and gardeners grow mint as a spice for cooking various dishes.

Mint, plant from the family Lamiaceae, which has many types, and each of them is used in their field.

Due to the large number of menthol all plants are strongly scented. They are widely used not only for food, but in cosmetics, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, pharmacology.

In the medicinal properties of mint is used to treat nervous asthma, excitability. She’s also known as a painkiller, has a disinfectant effect.

Growing mint will not bring much trouble to the gardeners, the plant is not fastidious, fertilization is not required.

This garden culture will feel good on the plot that has been fertilized with manure.

The only condition for good growth, the soil must be sufficiently friable and moist.

Mint spice poorly kept in one place, its shoots are gradually moving from the landing, to avoid this, cultivation of mint should be protected.

At a distance of 0.5 m and a depth of 20-30cm. around the Bush to dig the fence out of plastic, iron and so on.

Mint is propagated through cuttings and rhizomes. In the spring, in the rhizomes of adult bushes are divided and planted in a new location.

If you want to make several stops, adhere to the scheme: the plants in the row from each other at a distance of 25-35cm., between the rows 50-60cm. It will be easier to loosen the soil and weeding.

To get more masses of green leaves, sometimes recommended pruning the entire Bush to the bottom.

To protect from winter frosts, the plant for the winter lay straw, twigs, sawdust

growing mint

or earth.

Grow mint in one place for 4-5years, then planting it is better to upgrade, as this culture is difficult for a neighborhood with weeds and bushes fall out.

Harvest mint harvest from the first season. Fresh, you can use the leaves to add to salads, soups, dressings, meat and seafood.

For winter storage harvest can be placed in the fridge, after putting in an airtight container or wrapped in damp cloth.

Grown mint can to dry, you can use the dryer, or cut the stems to arrange in bunches in a well ventilated shaded place.

After drying, the leaves are pounded into powder and closed in a sealed container.

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