Mimoza — care at home


Plant the Mimosa belongs to the family Milosovich, common in America, Africa and Asia.

At home survives only one species, Mimosa pudica (bashful).

The leaves of the flower are folded at the slightest touch to them, the same thing happens at night.

It is an evergreen herbaceous plant that reaches a height of 30-50 cm.

The representatives of this kind of direct shoots, subramose, with spines. Pink-purple flowers, collected in heads, located at the top of the shoots.

Mimosas at home — tips on care

 Location and lighting

Mimosas are placed in places where a lot of sunlight. Well she survives near Windows, South-facing (only need to be protected from direct sunlight at noon), but it is better to choose places in Western and Eastern Windows.

Plants that have been acquired recently or a long time who were in the dimly lit place, accustomed to direct sunlight gradually.


In spring and summer for Mimosas at home need a minimum temperature of 20°C, but not more than 24°C. In winter, it feels good at lower temperatures (16-18°C).

Watering and humidity

Water the plant with soft water pooled, the frequency of watering depends on how dry the top layer of the substrate. Abundant watering begins in spring and continues until autumn, then gradually reduced.

Unfavorable for Mimosa, as drying out and waterlogging earthen coma. Flower needs high humidity, so it is regularly sprayed. In addition, a flowerpot can be placed in a special tray with damp moss, more importantly, to the bottom of the pot was not in the water.


As top dressing apply a dilute solution of mineral fertilizers, fertilize the Mimosa tree in the summer 2 times a month. In winter, stop fertilizing.

Transplantation and propagation of Mimosa

The plant is best not to be disturbed, so transplant it is rare. Moreover, there is no need to transplant if the annual crop.

If transplant still can not be avoided, then you need to spend it as carefully as possible: just cross the flower in a larger pot without disturbing the soil ball.

Transplant the Mimosa at home using a special substrate, which includes sand, turf ground, humus and peat (in equal amounts). At the bottom of the pot should have good drainage. Propagated

Mimoza - care

a plant with seeds.

Pests and fight with them

The flower is susceptible to spider mites and aphids.

To combat mites Mimosa treated with acaricides (Summit, Fitoverm etc.), and for the destruction of the aphid insecticides.

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