Miltonia — care at home


Miltonia every day to meet and see their owners, whose window sills are decorated with colorful flowering bushes.

Solar energy accumulated in the flowers of orchids, wonderfully fills the human body with generosity, creativity, beauty.

Plants surrounded by mutual love, warmth and proper care, are very popular among gardeners.

Very often it is a pot with a sprig of orchids to give as a gift. And then to continue a long and beautiful life, we must take the advice of experienced people to farming.

Miltonia in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Beautiful Brazilian Orchid Miltonia rather capricious to the amount of light. For this it is best to choose a location with maximum sunlight in the afternoon.

On the South side need pritenyat from the midday rays. The plant itself will determine the necessary amount of light.

Its leaves will gain a pink shade and the flowers will have bright colors. In low light the colors will begin to fade immediately. Miltonia do not like drafts.



The optimum temperature for heat-loving plants at home is 20-23°C. In winter, it should not fall below 12°C. this is not to avoid strong fluctuations in temperature day and night.

Watering and humidity

Orchids love the atmosphere of high humidity. Therefore, in a normal apartment with Central heating a pot of flowers put in an extra tray of water.

To increase humidity you can not use the spray. Even in the presence of very dry air in the apartment, what will the leaves which acquire a curved corrugated shape, it is necessary to spray water around the plant not getting on it.

Soil moisture is well controlled when growing Milton in a clear plastic pot, it also provides some clarification of the roots, like a flower.

Watering is carried out in the morning during active growth of the plants every 3 days. In winter reduce watering to 1 time in a month.

This will be a required rest period, which allows the flower to form a powerful and beautiful stalks. With their appearance need to fertilize and start watering.

Fertilizer Milton

The plant requires a mandatory feeding 1 time per month. It is best to use mineral kits for orchids. They should be used immediately, beginning after a dormant period of the plant.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplanting plants is rare. This is evident in the pot. It just becomes small. Mostly Miltonia grows without a transplant 4 years.

As a rule, during this period, the plant produced several pseudoscopic, which are well used for breeding. They are located at the bottom of the stems and serve for accumulation of moisture in plants.

They should be removed from the main plant and roots before planting. In addition, Miltonia at home can be propagated by dividing the Bush.

After completing these simple requirements, you can daily enjoy a variety of shades of the flower resembles a butterfly, flying or fragments that came to earth of the rainbow.

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