Midyanytsya, measures


When it comes to medanito, nature lovers imagine the nimble lizards — veretenin.

But gardeners know insects with the same name, causing a lot of troubles fruit trees.

His name these pests was due to «honeydew» they secrete on the leaves of fruit plants.

This sticky grey liquid processing product juices, sucking with the sucker leaves of the trees.

«Honeydew» is harmful to plants, it by gluing the leaves and clog stomata of their pores, not allowing them to «breathe».

Pear sucker

The pear sucker is also called litblog. These small (3 mm) insects, indeed, jump like fleas. And its color is somewhat similar to them are painted in light brown tones.

Young specimens are light green, but the larvae are the real chameleons. They are constantly changing their «clothes», passing almost all stages of the spectrum.

In the age of transition between larva and adult insects, sucker adorn ducharne transparent wings. But «jailbait», the pest develops only at the beginning of July, although the birth occurs in the early spring, when they begin to blossom buds.

It was there, inside of the kidneys and winters fertilized egg with larvae. Adult insects at the time of hibernation, hiding under the bark of trees or winter in fallen leaves.

For the whole summer can develop about 5 generations of pear psylla lay eggs on leaves, buds and stalks.

The fight against pear sucker

This insect is a real scourge for apples and pears. Sucking the juices from plants, the sucker has contributed to the loss of the abscission of flowers and ovaries.

On the spot selection «honeydew» can form colonies of sooty fungi, cover the branches of black bloom.

With listobloshek need to fight before Bud break, spraying the trees with Malathion or other similar drugs (kamitsos, NITROPHENOL, olokurto).

If the larvae of the psylla has appeared, before flowering the plants are treated, except for Malathion, and such insecticides: vofatox,

Midyanytsya, measures

metafos, fosfamid.

But when there ovary, spray the trees with chemicals is not desirable. During this period growers use folk remedies.

Therefore, in the fight with a sucker, it is recommended to use the smudge plants tobacco smoke or spray her with infusion of red pepper with the addition of soap. A similar procedure is carried out in the summer every 2 weeks.

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