Mica — care at home


There is hardly a person who wouldn’t walk in the Park or the woods in autumn and admired the bright maple leaves.

In my childhood, were adorned with carved leaves autumn bouquet, gathered during a walk.

It is a pity that this period is very short, and then «fall leaves dark paint marks».

Extend it in your own apartment, put a wonderful basket plant mikania the trigeminal (Mikania ternata) of the Asteraceae family.

This is the most common variety, although in nature there are about 200 species. Its carved leaves are reminiscent of maple leaves, ivy or grapes.

Their sophisticated diamond-shaped form, velvet, created by the edge, red veins attract attention.

Despite some difficult moments in the agricultural cultivation of plants, to solve all the problems, using the advice of experienced gardeners.

Growing mikania

 Location and lighting

Pot and a support for the basket plant Mica should be located in places with a lot of bright ambient light.

Allowed even the presence of direct sunlight in the morning and evening to avoid damage to tender leaves from the sun.

We must remember that in the early growth of Mica has straight reddish stems, but during rapid growth, they begin to droop.

This requires to place the pots in a hanging planter. Like all climbing plants, it needs adaptations in various forms.


Optimum values for temperature are considered to be the value of 18÷ 20°C in summer and 12°C in winter.

Watering and humidity

Success in growing Mikania is to create the necessary humidity and watering. In the summer watering should be abundant. The soil in the pot should not dry out.

During the winter months watering is also necessary, but it is necessary to wait for drying of the soil.

To create constant humidity of the flowerpot it is better to keep extra tray of wet gravel or expanded clay. Can be put on top of the sphagnum moss.

Very carefully the spraying of the plants only during hot summer. To do this, use the fine spray to a minimum to get to the edge of the leaves.

The danger of dry air associated with the emergence of conditions for the development of spider mites. In a too moist atmosphere appears gray mold. Fighting them requires additional efforts at cultivation.


As fertilizer recommended in the period of active growth Mikania to use a balanced NPK fertilizer in low concentrations.

Transplantation and propagation

Plant at a young age requires annual replanting, and adults transplanted every 3 years.

The reproduction of Mikania easier to do in the spring with the help of rooted cuttings. And care of cuttings should be carried out with the use of phytohormones and soil heating.

As the soil of the plant fits the universal mixture for indoor plants with a quality drainage.

Despite the fact that the flowers appear in Micani the indoor environment is rare, her handsome leaves can decorate any home. And this beauty, unlike the maple leaf, will amaze all year-round.

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