Methods of planting potatoes

planting potatoes

With the advent of may, the gardeners begin to prepare for planting potatoes.

Most often it is done by usual methods, laying the tubers in shallow pits, which are backfilled with earth.

However, restless gardeners are inventing new ways of planting potatoes, sometimes appearing very effective.


Method ridge planting is good for areas with closely spaced groundwater, or dense clay soil with poor ventilation. In these cases, on a flat plot make ridges about 20cm tall.

Shafts pierce the peg holes in the tubers spread out and cover them with earth. With this method there is no need hilling planting.

Planting in trenches

Planting potatoes in a trench is better suited for quick drying of sandy soils in areas with a hot climate. In this method, the planting material is planted in done in advance of the ditch to a depth of 15 cm.

Under the straw

Supporters of unconventional planting potatoes under straw. Especially it is advised to apply for unprocessed virgin areas. The tubers are laid out in rows, and then covered with straw, a layer which should be thick enough. With the growth of the shoots of the thickness of the layer increases.

The advantages of this method are that it is not necessary to till the land, the straw prevents weeds, the crop is easy to assemble and comes out clean. After the potato harvest the soil is loosened and in the second year can be used for other crops.

Under the film

The method of planting potatoes using black film or black non-woven material suitable for an early harvest. First dug up the ground, then cover it with foil or material, which fasten securely.

Then to cover the rows, make the cut in the shape of a cross. The tubers lay in the breakdown prisypaya ground. Film stops growth of weeds and retains moisture. Planted this way the potatoes are Spud.

Planting potatoes by Mittleider

Good results are obtained by planting method Mittleider. In this case the tubers are planted in a staggered manner in a narrow ridge, located in the meter from each other. In preparation for planting in ridges making fertilizer.

This method allows to significantly increase the yield when the width of the ridges up to 30 cm in the bushes is better ventilated and illuminated by the sun that activates all metabolic processes.

In boxes

Sometimes in order to save space on the site, some gardeners plant potatoes in containers or boxes with fertile land. First container filled with soil and half bury tubers. As of extension shoots of the earth added.

Regardless of what selected methods of planting potatoes, you should always select healthy seeds. It is useful to vernalization, that is, to get the tubers

Methods of planting potatoes

from the basement 3 weeks before planting and place them in a cool, bright room.

From time to time the tubers upside down. Before planting large tubers are cut up, and slices of powdered wood ashes.

Not recommended to use potatoes the same land for several consecutive years, resulting in an accumulation of soil pathogens, dangerous for crops. It is useful to sow on a field of green manures are plants that improve the soil structure.

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