Methods of combating pests and diseases of strawberries

boronate Rosa

One of the main insect pests that can bring irreparable damage to strawberries are the larvae of the cockchafer.

They eat the roots of strawberry under the ground, leaving on the surface only the outlet, which also soon dies.

To combat them should be around the beds with strawberries perennial onions and garlic to winter, but the beetles constantly shake the bushes and destroy.

Beetle grubs – wireworms also bring enormous damage to strawberries by eating the roots. They can be destroyed by intense watering the bushes with a solution of potassium permanganate (about 4 to 6 grams per large bucket of water).

Also of wireworms cannot tolerate ammonium nitrate, which is useful as fertilizer to make the soil in the spring.

Strawberry mite is an insect that cannot be seen with the naked eye. But it settled on the strawberry bushes, and females lay huge numbers of eggs on young shoots and peduncles.

When strawberries produces whiskers, the mites settle there. The leaves of the bushes, where he settled mite turn yellow, the plant withers, and the berries become small and lose their taste.

To destroy this pest can be watering the bushes with hot water heated to 40 degrees, and consuming a half a liter of water per Bush. You can also use concoctions of garlic and onion skins for irrigation against the tick.

Spider mites – also very harmful for planting strawberries. It is arranged on the underside of leaves and sucking the juice from them. After which the plant dies.

The leaves of the bushes becomes brown, dries up and collapses. To destroy this pest, you should sprinkle in hot weather strawberry leaves powder of sulphur, from which the tick dies.

You can water the plants with a garlic broth, onion skin, potato leaves or sorrel. Treatment suggest carried out every five days.

Gray and black rot are usually able to hit the entire Bush. On

gray mold

the tips and edges of leaves appear gray spots that are infected and berries.

They are characterized by the appearance of a gray felt plaque. For prevention should not to allow the density of strawberry bushes.

After weeding your plant leaves suggest to burn, and the ripening berries to put straw under it.

Certainly a few times a season to feed a solution of potassium permanganate.

But the affected berries to make off-site and destroy. Against Botrytis helps the neighborhood with beds strawberry beds of onions-a Welsh onion.

You can also in the early spring to spray the soil with NITROPHENOL. To have a good dusting of lime (pushonki) themselves, the bushes and the ground beneath them.

It will not hurt to pour contaminated soils after harvest of weak iodine solution (a teaspoon in a bucket of water).

Powdery mildew also affects the strawberries and cover the sheets of white coating. They stop growing and all the berries are covered too, like a web.

To get rid of this disease, you should collect and destroy the infected leaves and then spray the beds with a solution of soda ash with soap (fifty grams of sodium and 35 grams of soap per bucket of water).

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