Methods of combating diseases, pests of cucumbers and other troubles

pest - the mosquito cucumber

When growing cucumbers, and other garden crops, it may cause trouble in the form of diseases of plants or their destruction by pests.

Also to low yield and even death of cucumbers can result in improper care or complete lack of it.

How to avoid these problems and to obtain a good harvest, the question many novice gardeners.

Methods of combating diseases, pests and other troubles cucumbers

Prolonged cold and sudden temperature changes in the daytime and at night, will stop the growth of cucumbers and the accumulation of bitterness.

Monitor the temperature and in a timely manner to open or to warm a bed. Watering with a hot Sunny day and the dew drops can cause leaf scorch.

To water cucumbers preferably in the evening, at the root or in the aisles. Due to the lack of nitrogen in the soil, the leaves will begin to lighten and become smaller, and the fruits of cucumbers will develop with twisted nose.

To avoid this trouble, try 2-3 times over the summer to conduct a fertilizer slurry of 1:10.

To protect against such pests culture, like moles, in areas of mass gathering use mesh or blackout fabric.

Just when forming the beds, lay the material on the bottom. The perimeter of a well-planted beans and put the scare of grochowski.

Pesticides do not apply if you do not want to get back with food. In General, the invasion of these pests is capable of night to ruin all your efforts.

Nearly all cucumber diseases fall through the soil, to reduce the likelihood of infection, in the fall after harvest, all crop residues should be collected and burned.

Some cucumber pests (fly sprout, cucumber Midge), can lay their larvae in the manure.

To protect against these pests, thoroughly mix the manure with the soil and sprinkle it with wood ash.

If the leaves have spots like burns, and the fruits shrivel, it is probably

cucumber disease - Anthracnose

manifests itself as a fungal disease – Anthracnose.

Take 1% solution of Bordeaux mixture and spray the plants. This procedure is performed not less than 10 days prior to harvest.

Another disease that can show itself on the leaves of cucumbers in the form of small watery spots — bacteriosis.

Subsequently, the leaves wither. To protect the seeds before planting, soak in a solution of potassium permanganate. After planting the soil can be sprinkled with ashes.

Spider mites — this cucumber pest is able to suck the SAP from underside of leaves.

To combat it, prepare the ingredients: garlic, onions and dandelions, minced. Ready there should be one glass.

Then this mixture, pour 10 liters of water and add 1 tbsp liquid households. honey. A day strain and spray the plants at night.

To combat aphids, you can prepare another solution. Hot pepper 50g. soap 1 tbsp ash 4 tablespoons per 10 liters of water.

After 2 days, strain and spray plants. When the disease root rot appears white-pink plaque on the stem at the base.

In this case atrebate the soil and mix in fresh peat and manure, top over mulch. This will contribute to the formation of new roots.

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