Melon planting and care — characteristics of growing


1. podgotovka2. Landing rassady3. Recommendations for care

Dinh landing

As the melon-loving for her, choose sheltered from the wind, well-lit place.

In regions with cold climate melons grown in greenhouses.

The soil should be nutritious, light and loose, with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction.


A place for melon ridges prepared in the fall:

  • dug over the plot;
  • clean the weeds along with the roots;
  • fill the land well-rotted humus, compost and mineral fertilizer.
  • if the soil is clay, add peat and river sand.

In the spring of the bed again dug, watered and covered with polythene to warm up. The plot of the seedling is planted, not before, as to elude the last frost. It is better to have plants on the ridge in a row, so they are less likely to shade each other.



Planting of melons is carried out in the wells, which are pre-disinfect with a hot solution of potassium permanganate intense pink color. Splits the seedlings need to have at least four true leaves.

When is the planting melons, cotyledonary leaves don’t go, they should be above ground level. Otherwise the stem near the root may rot. Pinch out the tops of seedlings to form side shoots, which appear more female flowers.

Recommendations for care

Carrying care for the melon you need to remember that it does not tolerate waterlogging. Could cause rotting of the legs of the stem and the appearance of fungal diseases. Therefore, it is better to slightly dry soil in the holes than they fill.

For irrigation use only warm water. Pour carefully, avoiding wetting the stems and leaves.

Feeding is carried out during watering, using fertilizer complex. Nitrogen-containing additives should be done with caution, since excess nitrogen the plants will begin to gain the green mass, and the ovaries will be small. For fertilizing planting with organic matter is useful to use a liquid compost of grass.

Abundant fruiting can be achieved only when care melon is correct:

  • the soil under the plants regularly loosened and weed;
  • branches directed upward on the support; Dinya the eye
  • in the formation of extra shoots are removed and the remaining pinch out the top to the stem was not more than five ovaries and 2 – 3 leaves on top; in bushes it is advisable to leave 3 to 4 scourge;
  • carry out hand pollination, greatly increasing the probability of occurrence of the ovary;
  • as weight gain the fruits of their tie to the support using the grid; under melon lying on the ground be sure to enclose the boards.


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