Medinilla — care at home


In the genus Medinilla , there are about 200 varieties of plants.

This member of the family Melsomvik most prevalent in East India, tropical Africa and the island of Sri Lanka.

The plant belongs to the evergreen shrubs, which reach heights of 2 meters.

Branches flowers naked, in the places of the nodes can be bristly.

The representatives of this family are the owners of opposite or whorled leaves, in rare cases, – duty, thickened, entire. Flower color can be pink, pink-red or white.

Growing medinilly

 Location and lighting

Medinilla needs bright lighting. Lack of sunlight leads to shedding of flowers.

If the plant is still in a dimly lit room, to create favourable conditions apply special fitolampy.

Place for a flower it is better to choose near Windows facing West or East, and South (only prytinyayuchy plant).


Almost the entire year, the temperature in the room where the plant should not exceed 24°C (ideal temperature is considered to be from 20 to 22°C).

In winter, the temperature was lowered to 15-17°C, not permitted drafts. The non-observance of the above conditions leads to the fact that the plant does not bloom.

Watering and humidity

The plant needs moderate watering. In the formation of buds is necessary to monitor the soil – it should not dry out.

In the autumn and winter flower watered as drying of the soil. In January and February, watering is reduced to the maximum. Water the flower just separated by water.

The family the necessary conditions with high humidity (not less than 75%). To increase humidity the leaves of the plants sprayed daily with water.


Medinilla feed every 2 weeks as a top dressing use a comprehensive liquid fertilizer. Feeding begins in March and ends in August, the rest of the time the plant is not fertilized.

Transplantation and propagation

Small young specimens are transplanted each year, adults flowers are transplanted every couple of years.

When transplanting flower trimmed, thus forming the crown. Medinilla Cherenkov and propagated from seed.

Pests and fight with them

The most dangerous for the representatives of this kind of insects. They can appear on the leaves when the temperature is too high and there is stagnant air.

To get rid of them by wiping the leaves with alcohol or the drug. Except for scale insects, the plant is striking in scale and red mites.

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