Medicinal and useful properties of squash

useful properties of squash

To see in the wild this plant is impossible.

But for a long time beautiful shrubs, colourful flowers and fruit are amazing shapes, caught at each site and worthy of his grace.

Farming techniques allow you to grow many varieties of squash not only in the southern regions, but in the climate of the Northern and Central regions.

Rarely any Amateur photograph of the crop of the current season is complete without this vegetable, which resembles the sleeping flowers.

Well, to try squash for a taste everyone wants. Especially tasty dishes it is possible to prepare a huge amount.

Useful properties of squash

The most useful and tasty squash is young, soft tissue and small seeds. In this age of sugar contained in the form of glucose and fructose, to promote proper absorption in the human body all healthy ingredients vegetable.

These include the valuable mineral salts of sodium, iron, cobalt, molybdenum, zinc, lithium and other trace elements involved in the life of any living creature.

Therefore, all of the remaining unused vegetables should be used as a vitamin feed for animals.

Especially in the squash contains vitamins b, E, ascorbic acid and carotene in large quantities than zucchini, for example.

Low caloric value and high fiber content makes it a popular choice in dietary human nutrition. A special place in the list of useful properties is squash orange.

The amount of a substance called lutes in them is 5 times higher than other varieties. In the blood it acts as an antioxidant which prevents blood clotting, neutralizes free radicals, acting as a prevention against cancer.

Lutes is good for eyesight, which is important for the elderly and working with computer people.

The healing properties of squash

The optimum content of various mineral elements that are found in this vegetable, has long been used for the prevention and treatment of many human diseases.

These are especially useful in atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, remove the swelling and normalize the entire endocrine system.

While orange varieties of squash removes cholesterol. Eating squash helps the absorption of protein. Recovering glycogen in the liver and improves the flow of bile.Diet in the treatment of digestive organs, gall bladder, kidneys necessarily includes delicious and healthy tissue and squash.

The seeds also possess medicinal properties and are very useful for improving metabolism in the body. If consumed frequently they are able to withdraw the excess salt.

The high content of edible oils, glycosides, resins and unsaturated fatty acids, forming

Medicinal and useful properties of squash

highly vitamin product, confirms its use in food.

It should be used, picking the large ripe fruit squash. Moreover, the content of lecithin they are not inferior to chicken eggs.

It is important not to forget to choose varieties of seeds to prepare them and grow great crops of this useful plant. And a few bushes you can plant for beauty directly into the flower bed.

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