Meat breeds of pigs – the most popular for home breeding

Many farmers have been breeding pigs, but some prefer greasy breed, other mesosaline, while others grow those rocks that contain more meat than fat.

Bacon or meat breed believe that which at the bottom has a net weight over 120 kg

Of the most common meat breeds are «white», «Duroc», «Landrace» and «barbecue.»

Meat of pigs is very beneficial to contain, because they eat everything, and the weight is typed in fast enough. But, of course, it is better to feed pigs high quality food.

At home meat breed is more profitable to keep to the maximum weight. They quickly gain weight from 120 to 135 kg In the private sector pigs are often fattened up to 150 kg.

This fact is explained by the fact that a pig, gaining weight 60 kg, taken with a big appetite to eat cheap bulk foods.

They both cheeks «burst» any vegetables that grow in the garden and kitchen waste.

Meat pigs Landrace

Excellent meat breed is the large white. Meat content at slaughter of approximately 70%, and a layer of subcutaneous fat is insignificant and does not exceed 20 mm.

Wild boar can reach 310 kg pig to 260 kg, Sows are characterized by high fecundity: up to 12 piglets.

The advantages of this breed can be called a rapid growth and performance. The animals are well growing, and if the diet to include dairy food.

The disadvantages include a weak Constitution. The tendency to stressful conditions, poor acclimatization. Landros, very picky about food and living conditions.

Beef breed Duroc

Boars of Duroc breed grow from 330 to 370 kg and Females weighing from 250 to 300 kg, and at farrowing results in 8-10 piglets.

Kids grow very fast. In an average day gaining 850 gr. Meat yield is 70%, while the layer of fat does not exceed 15 mm.

But the Duroc breed is quite demanding with regard to protein feed.

Advantages of the Duroc breed is the possibility of finding in the pasture, calm nature, resistance to stress and unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention.

The Duroc breed is characterized a good meat characteristics, precocity.

Among the disadvantages is the low fertility, a tendency of a cold dependence on the protein supply.

Beef breed grill

Boar breeds a grill up to 300 kg of weight, although it depends on conditions.

If the hog purchased for fattening, 1-2 months he ought to do castration. As a result, it is much faster to grow, thus to gain

Meat breeds of pigs


The pig has a good fertility and leads 12 to 16 piglets.

The advantages include the fact that barbecues are not afraid of severe frosts, because they have thick and long hair. The immune system is great, so they are not vaccinated.

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