Mealybug — control measures

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Favorite plants are covered with scraps of wool, are stunted, lose their leaves and buds?

The reason is the plants settled mealybug, the most common form of small insects squad coccidia.

A very dangerous pest of room, greenhouse and hothouse plants. The body of the insect’s elongated rounded shape, with a length of about 4-6 mm, covered with white fine hairs and wax-plates on the edges.

Pests gather in large colonies at the base and on the underside of leaves, on stems and young shoots.

Damaged leaves wilt, become deformed and fall off. The greatest damage to the plant applied to the females and larvae of an insect.

Females lay eggs in cotton-like the bag in white. If the plant is covered with whitish sugar coating.

One individual can lay 600 to 1,000 eggs. «Cradle» eggs can be placed on infected plants, soil or plant residues.

Emerged from eggs, the larvae («tramp»), crawl around the plant, prisasyvaet the most tender and young shoots.

Often mealybug «falls» into the house or greenhouse with diseased plants purchased at the market or in stores.

The pest thrives, and actively reproduces (up to 4 generations per year) in areas with dry air and low humidity.

Also, it is «at hand» different stresses plants (lack or excess of moisture and heat, poor lighting, etc.).

Regular inspection, spraying and washing, timely removal of dead leaves and faded flowers will allow green room to protect residents from the harmful insect.

At the initial stage of the lesion, the infected plant parts and remove or wipe cloth (cotton) swab dipped in water or alcohol, thereby removing pests.

To avoid burning plants, the treatment with alcohol should be done carefully and as quickly as possible. Alcohol must quickly evaporate, so use a solution of 96% is not recommended.

It is advisable to err is to examine how the plant will react to alcohol, pre-treating one or two leaves.

If the insects are «occupied» most of the plants and it is impossible to delete manually, you need to use insecticides – chemicals that kill insects.

An undeniable rule of their use — clear instructions. Mealybug is extremely viable, fight it hard.

For complete expulsion of the pest may require several treatments. Spraying is carried out once a week for several weeks until the complete disappearance of insects.

For maximum effectiveness, and prevent habituation can be used several different drugs (not simultaneously).

Treatment should be done outside of residential areas, ideally outdoors in warm, calm weather.

If this is not possible – at least near an open window or balcony. The most appropriate time of day – morning or evening hours.

In the suppression of mealybugs are the most effective drugs «Fitoverm», «Aktara», «commander».

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