Mating rabbits

mating rabbits

Mating rabbits under controlled breeding is usually on schedule.

On a certain day the female sits in a cage with a male and expect mating.

After mating the female will immediately return to its territory.

If necessary, after a few minutes, repeat mating, if the rabbit away from the male, it is conventionally start counting pregnant.

In a week must be repeated (control) mating rabbits.

To be completely sure that everything went well, after 2 weeks of rabbit gently palpate the abdomen in the pelvic region.

By this time, the embryos should be palpable and be the size of a hazelnut. If nothing was found, mating will be repeated.

The primary condition that will ensure proper and good breeding rabbits, as well as high yield of rabbits, it is the right selection of pairs of males and females and their average fatness by the time of insemination.

Suitable for breeding, the male not younger than 6 months of age, in good health and sufficiently developed.

Every rabbit is fixed from 8 to 10 females. Young rabbits should be allowed into the mating aged 5 months, if they have exceeded 3kg Large breed at the same age, but when it reaches 3.5 kg. weight.

For memorizing terms and subject to the outcome of mating and kindling, on the cells of each rabbit, you can hang signs showing all the data. The plate is easy to fabricate out of plywood small size 15h20sm.

Best time for mating in the summer, morning or evening, and in the winter afternoon.

To obtain offspring year-round, cases of females in a short time (compacted kindling), that is partially combine lactation with acrolect rabbits.

To ensure fertilization, after the first mating after 5 days, all rabbits must be assumed to be mating again.

If the DOE will allow the male again, then again to do a test mating of rabbits after 6 days.

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