Marigolds — growing from seeds and seedlings

marigolds growing

Marigold is a versatile plant.

They grow equally well in full sun or shade.

In full sun they will have lush foliage and a slightly shorter stem than the supposed standard.

And marigolds grown in the shade will be more green, tall stems. The quality and timing of flowering, usually not affected.

These flowers are resistant to drought and cold, but frost they carry are not very good.

If you decide to plant them as a border for walkways, edging flower beds or decorative circles around the trees, it is best to plant in the ground in April — may, if in these months in your region is warm enough.

And you’ll enjoy blooms all summer and autumn.

Marigolds -growing from seed

Shoots when grown from seed marigolds appear 5 to 12 days. From germination to beginning of flowering with this method of planting usually takes 50-60 days.

To plant seeds better in small grooves with a depth of 8-10 cm, spilled water. The distance between the seeds can be done by anyone.

Of course, I prefer to put a solid chain, and then, if necessary, thinned. So more likely that your curb will do no empty seats, one big yellow – green line.

The seeds are then lightly sprinkle loose soil. Watering depending on the weather, but that the earth was moderately moist. For a border you can choose dwarf varieties or curb of the usual brown — yellow flowers.

And tree trunks of trees best fit Orangeries, Careerists and Titania. They are higher and better cover the trunks from chapping and burns.

Marigolds — growing seedlings

When the cultivation of marigold seedlings, flowering occurs 2-3 weeks earlier than when

marigolds growing

seed sowing. If your seedlings have already started to produce buds or even blooming before planting in the ground, don’t worry.

Marigolds tolerate transplanting well, and it will not affect the overall «health» of plants. They won’t drop the buds will continue to bloom.

These plants are unpretentious to the soil, but thankfully respond, even in the simple dressing. To grow seedlings can be started in February – March. It is not very sky high.

So do not take up much space at home. On beds, if you do flower arrangements it is better to plant high and large varieties of Titans, and Princes.

But if your bed provides only low-growing plants, take dwarf varieties, which are now already with small and large buds, with a height of 15 – 20 cm.

Dried flowers of marigold can be used in pickles and marinades, because they are rich in vitamins. And in tree trunks they can after flowering, dig together with the land, because they contain more and minerals that are good for plants.

For decorating the balcony can also be used marigolds border type. They thrive in small lot of land. But always create comfort on your balcony or at the cottage.

Marigold is very good for bouquets. They are long standing in vases in plain water without additives and always smell good.

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