Marigolds – growing at home

Marigolds – growing

These flowers are unpretentious, so to grow they will be able even the most experienced grower.

The plant can be safely called the most popular in variety of colors.

It is often used in landscaping.

The secret of this glory is resistant to drought and able to land not only in full sun, but partial shade.

Although it should be noted that a shaded area affects the timing of flowering.

To their growth and flowering pleasing, the marigolds, the cultivation should start with the greenhouse, as the flowers are absolutely not resistant to cold.

Even the most minor frosts from 0 to — 1° can destroy the plant. This is especially true of young plants. This is the reason that the marigold be sown seedlings in the greenhouse.

Optimal time is March-April. And after the freeze stops, can be transplanted into the ground. Tentatively it may. But it is possible to sow directly in the ground in may, but then you have to use a film cover.


The crops to be sown thickly, not worth it, because marigolds have excellent germination. The first stirrings can already be noticed after a week or a little earlier, and flowering begins in mid-summer. And profuse flowering and continues until mid-winter.

Pick up and swordplay

Are sown in plastic containers of marigolds, farming is definitely in the fertile soil with the addition of sand and peat. You can not bother with the mix and just purchase the soil, but such that the acidity was neutral.

In the soil make a shallow groove is only 1 cm, evenly dispersed at a distance of about 3 cm on Top sprinkled lightly and carefully watered. The container is put on a window where the temperature should be from +22° to +25°.

As soon as the first seedlings, the temperatures should be reduced to +18°-+20°. In this case, the seedlings will stretch and become strong. You cannot forget about watering seedlings.

And so, at this stage of growing other care not needed. Film seedlings cover is not necessary, as it is endurance. Even if the ground is dry, the youngsters won’t wilt.

The pick (transplant) is performed after 2-3 true leaves. They will have a slightly sliced region. To pick use separate cups when planting it is necessary to deepen the plant up to the cotyledons.

This approach to farming will help the long shoots to make below. But more importantly, so that the root system will be even more powerful. After picking marigolds grow very quickly. Just a half a month, the root system of horses the whole Cup.


Because marigolds are tall, medium and short, respectively, and they need to land at different distances from each other. The first 30-40 cm, -20 cm, the second, the third – 10-15 cm

Marigolds – growing at home

Further care

Despite the fact that is easy to plant marigolds, the farming will succeed, if you follow some rules:

  • A Sunny place.
  • Desirable daily watering.
  • At least once a week to loosen the soil.
  • Withered buds should be removed.
  • To feed regularly.
  • When deterioration of the appearance of the plants cut.


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