Marigolds — care at home


Popular on our flower beds are mottled orange and yellow flowers come from South America, the marigold is truly the decoration of any suburban area you can grow well on the balcony.

These branched, bushy plants have short stature, although sometimes reach the height of 1.3 m.

They bloom for a long time that is absolutely unpretentious, but for good growth and flowering require the implementation of certain rules of care.

Growing marigolds

 Location and lighting

To place these species in the open ground, and in the large flower pots on the balcony.

And these bright colors, well tolerated and constantly sunlit area and shaded areas. More beautiful, of course, they will be in full sun.


To temperature conditions of marigolds special requests can not push, however, grow best and bloom at 18-22 degrees during the germination of seeds need a higher temperature (+25°C). Do not tolerate these flowers a cold wind and drafts.

Watering and humidity

These plants belong to drought-tolerant, and therefore well tolerated rare and not abundant watering. However, the lack of moisture during active growth, they grow weak and exhausted, with small and inconspicuous flowers.

Profuse watering of plants sometimes leads to root rot. Don’t love those flowers too dry or very moist air, although generally to a moisture level not demanding.

Fertilizer marigolds

These plants are undemanding to soil, but if they grow in poor nutrients soil, they need regular feeding, which is carried out at least 3 times during the vegetation period.

Transplantation and propagation

Marigolds are propagated by seed or seedlings. In the first case, the seeds are sown when the end frosts, and the soil temperature does not fall below +15 degrees. Usually seeds are sown to a depth of 1.5-3 cm.

Seedlings of plants put in the ground after frost. It is advisable to plant them in fertile soil and, after enriching the soil with superphosphate and ammonium nitrate.

Marigold pests and fight with them

One of the features of these plants is the low susceptibility to disease and pest attacks, since their leaves contain enough natural defenders — volatile.

However, they may be damaged by diseases such as gray mold, black leg, tend to also rot the roots.

For the treatment of plants from these diseases using special tools. When too dry air and soil, plants can live spider mites.

To get rid of it, increase the humidity by spraying and coating the plants with an infusion of yarrow or a bow.

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