Marigold — planting and care

marigolds planting and care

Marigolds (Tagetes, Chernobrivtsy) belong to the Asteraceae family, is a bright and unpretentious native of South America, everywhere is yellow, orange, Burgundy-red inflorescences-baskets, similar to a small sunshine, from the first days of summer until the first frosts of late autumn.

Are very popular among gardeners.

Marigolds planting and care

Of the varieties may be noted: the upright or African marigold tall, powerful, with large double flowers in POM-POM, with a diameter of 15 cm, marigolds, rejected, or French with simple or double buds, they’re shorter and the diameter of the flower fine-leaved marigold or Mexican with delicate leaves and small simple flowers.

The plant has a pungent smell, due to the presence of essential oils that has found application in perfumery, cosmetics and alcoholic beverage industries.

In Latin America, France and Georgia are known to use dried and ground flower baskets marigolds as a seasoning in cooking.

Planting and care of these flowers is not difficult, special attention is not required, they are as true representatives of the South, drought-tolerant, and easily tolerate heat, does not need abundant watering, photophilous, prefer sun beds, but quite tolerant to slight shade.

To ensure a lush flowering it is necessary to remove the old inflorescences, occasionally loosening the soil, moderate watering, avoiding stagnation of water, to provide drainage, to do mineral supplements.

Marigolds are easily propagated by seeds, which are well preserved and not lose germination two to three years.

With the bushes are building a large, ripe, already wilting flowers with well formed seed box, dried them, and then choose seeds from the calyx.

On the seedlings seeds are sown in February-March in boxes with loose, fertile soil, and after about a week the first shoots appear.

Dive with the appearance of two true leaves, transplanting at a distance of 7-8 cm between plants.

Continue growing the seedlings, ensuring timely watering and maintaining the temperature from 12 to 15°C that it is not stretched.

Landing in open ground they hold, when they finally pass the danger of spring frosts, because frost on them pose a real threat.

Note that these plants tolerate transplanting, even in the presence of flowers.

Of course, the seedling method of cultivation gives more early flowering, but care is more labor intensive, so growers rarely grow marigolds with plants, preferring to plant the seeds in open ground in may.

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