Manure as fertilizer – use in the garden

Manure as fertilizer

To the suburban area was more fertile soil requires the application of organic fertilizers.

Even in ancient times, manure as fertilizer has been successfully applied because it contains a huge amount of nutrients needed for vegetation.

Manure referred to as the final result of the activity of cattle. In its composition can be straw, used as bedding for animals.

The pus consists of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium substances. Also, it is rich in trace elements.

When using manure as fertilizer, the soil becomes loose, which contributes to better air circulation and neutralizes acidity.

Manure as a fertilizer starts to operate after a certain time. And as needed, the plants gradually begin to receive the required substances.

Litter, under rotting vegetation fills with carbon dioxide to facilitate photosynthesis.

In addition, the roots to fully get the oxygen, the soil better retains moisture. In the next few years, the manure as fertilizer to ensure high yields.

Because manure is considered a multipurpose fertilizer, it can be used for all soils.

But its processing must be correct. Manure can be left for 2-3 years to perepravnaya anywhere better in partial shade. It is important to ensure that manure is not dried out or too wet.

The greatest number of nutrients found in horse manure. It has a positive effect on the activity of the activity of bacteria in the soil, improves the chemical composition, makes the earth more friable. Horse manure is good to fertilize cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes.

Cow dung is considered the most available and inexpensive fertilizer. Almost immediately after manure application, one can notice the effect, because it begins to act quickly. Respond well to cow dung tomato, beet, pepper.

Pig manure can only be used in dry condition, as it can just «burn» the soil. Also, you must first make a bed of sawdust and then make pork, but rotted manure.

Rabbit manure is not allowed to use fresh, because a very strong effect, as the pig manure. They are advised to fertilize the garlic, potatoes, beets and onions.

Sheep and goat manure is great for loamy and clay soils. Well it warms the beds, so is recommended for greenhouses and polytunnels. It is better to pre-mix with the slurry.

To the use of manure as fertilizer was the most effective need to know how to apply it. It is best to make autumn under perekopku.

Manure as fertilizer

For vegetable crops, one square is enough for one bucket of rotted manure. If the ground is heavy, on one hundred square meters of vegetable garden will require about 35 kg.

It is recommended to apply the manure every four years, but it is important to take into account the rotation of crops in the garden.

It is impossible that the pus came in contact with any parts of the plant as this can lead to burnout.

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