Manufacture of hothouses on the dacha with his hands

greenhouse with their hands

A greenhouse is called the construction of the protected ground, made in the form of the room with transparent side walls and a roof, inside of which freely a man can be, and to perform the necessary work on growing plants.

Modern greenhouses can be used for seasonal or year round use.

The structure can be divided into stationary and portable.

Widespread among gardeners got the greenhouse frame type with a transparent wall.

In their design include: Foundation, framing, walls, floors.

The cap is usually made of opaque material, a small height in order not to shade grown plants.

The frame is mostly made of plastic, steel pipes or wooden bars, the walls and the ceiling made of polycarbonate or glass.

The construction itself does not take much time and does not require special professional experience.

For example, a greenhouse made of plastic tubes with their hands set for 3 days, given the pouring of the Foundation. A few days needed for preparation and heating of soil (from personal experience).

Stationary greenhouse with their hands


greenhouse with their hands

This country building more effective for the early growing of herbs, seedlings and flowers. Its construction is more costly and complex, it takes up more space in the suburban area than the fast-dismountable model.

Therefore, before embarking on the construction of stationary greenhouse, think carefully whether it is necessary for you and for what purposes.

The frame of the greenhouse is recommended to collect from the wooden bars of a diameter of at least 50h100mm., and boards 20h150mm.

The basis of such a framed reinforced concrete columns, which can be made independently.

Base can serve as roofing slate. All wooden parts of the frame, cover with drying oil, and after Assembly be sure to paint.

Holes for supports are prepared with a diameter of 100÷120 mm. The depth depends on the soil, in the country, but not less than 500mm. Support set after sand filling in the hole and tamp it well.

The column should protrude above the surface of the earth to a height of about 500mm. After installation of the supports to pour the gravel and thoroughly tamped. The frame is fastened to the supports with anchor bolts.

Roof top frames covered with polycarbonate or polyethylene. The walls are also made of wooden frames covered with transparent material, with one or two sides.

The door can be made as the frame, only larger and cover with film. Such a structure on hot days can be partially disassembled, it’s cheaper and easy to manufacture.

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