Malvaviscus — care at home


Malvaviscus — flowering plant of the family Malvaceae, with up to 5 different varieties.

It is a shrub of small size with straight, branched, slightly drooping shoots.

Leaf size reaches a length of 12 cm, ovate form and has a smooth — serrated edge.

Appearance flowers are bell-shaped, their length can be up to 8 cm.

They are angled down and are not fully disclosed, are red in color. Pistil slightly longer than the petals, so it looks out of the flower. If well cared for, flowering can be observed throughout the year.

Growing malvaviscus

 Lighting and temperature

Malvaviscus at any time of the year loves bright and Sunny places. If it is put in a dark or cold place, then the plants will not be tied flower buds.

In the warm season, good temperature 18 — 20°C, you can make a flower in the fresh air, to take to the dacha, and in winter the temperature should not be less than 10°C. the Best place for growth will be the southern window with cool rooms.

Humidity and watering

Carry out watering of plants should be properly and only when the soil is dry to 3 cm. in addition, you need once a week a pot of flower to put in the water for half an hour. Spray the plant through the day.


For good growth of malvaviscus optimal soil mixture, nutrient-sheet, sod, peat land with the addition of sand with ratio 2:2:2:1.

If you are using ready ground, perfect zemlesmes for flowering plants. During the active growing season, preferably fertilizer once or twice per month. It is best to use a combination of fertilizers.


Malvaviscus propagated by cuttings, but they root poorly, so they place them in a small greenhouse with bottom heat and use of fitogormonov.

Semilignified cuttings need to root when the soil temperature is below 25 °C With high humidity. For a good branching malvaviscus pinch several times.

Particular care

To impart compact shrub form, branches are cut. Pruning is best done after flowering. Gardening is often plant is treated with chemicals to retard the growth, which after some time becomes weaker and malvaviscus continues to grow normally.

Possible problems

You may not be flowering due to lack of moisture or breach of the peace. Due to excessively dry air, it also resets the buds.

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