Making garden paths with his hands

making garden paths with his hands

Garden paths on the site, is an important component for decorating the cottages, which are directed to places, saunas, gazebos, children’s, and so on.

Material for making garden paths with their own hands apply the most diverse, however, you should choose it, given the overall landscape design.

Garden paths can be made of wood, cobblestone, natural or artificial stone, concrete, asphalt, ceramic tiles.

Making garden paths with his hands

First you need to remove old garden path. Determine where will be a new track. Clear the area, and to outline the anticipated border of the garden path, using the stretched rope or any other materials that you can find in the country.

Then you need to make a Foundation for a garden path. For this you need to remove from the surface soil to a depth of 10cm., and on the leveled surface, cover the gravel with a height of 4cm and the top construction sand layer of 2 cm.


The next stage of ramming, it is very important to align the surface of the future garden paths made with their own hands.

It needs to perform very carefully, otherwise the material (brick, stone, tile, etc.) will be the areas to fall, and the track will not last you a long time.

The well-compacted garden path, you need to add another 2cm of building sand. On the edges put two blocks of wood (40×40) parallel to each other and fill the distance between them with sand, which it is necessary to level with the Board, leading on the whole surface. On completion, the bars can be removed.

garden paths

You can then lay the bricks or stones to make garden paths with his hands across the surface. Bridge, firmly setting one to one, for convenience, to tighten the line.

Lay the material smoothly, without throwing to avoid irregularities. Gaps will disappear over time.

For circumcision is material you can use a angle grinder with a cutting stone.

After completion of manufacture of the garden paths with his hands, precipite it evenly with sand, filling in all voids.

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