Maidenhair — care at home


Among all the ferns adiantum stands out for its tenderness and grace.

Its second name was «Venus ‘ hair», which means it is the patronage of all lovers, because Venus is a Roman goddess of love.

That is why its leaves are used in making wedding bouquets.

One is bad: after cutting the leaves quickly wilt and lose their beauty.

Adiantum has no geographical attachment, he feels comfortable in the tropics and in temperate latitudes.

In natural conditions they can reach 60 cm in height, but in home cultivation not rise above the pot more than 30 cm.

There are more than 200 species of this plant, but the most popular only two, «Venus hair» as one of them.

Adiantum pretty low maintenance, but be aware that it can be moved from room to room. It prefers to grow in one place.

It should be noted that direct sunlight to the plant unpleasant. Therefore, it is best to grow adiantum in the room, facing North.

No special requirements for temperature houseplant does not show, but do not want the thermometer dropped below 10 degrees in winter. At temperatures above +20 don’t forget to provide enough humidity fern.

Water plants need quite often: 2 times a week in summer and 1 time in winter. We cannot allow the pots stood in water, but the drying of the soil is undesirable.

It is better to put a pot of adiantum on a saucer with moist pebbles or placed in a container which is pre-covered with moss.

It is desirable to spray the fern. Water for irrigation and for watering it is better to take the rain.

Maidenhair is very capricious in relation to odors. He can’t stand the smell of burning, including cigarette smoke. It must also be taken into account in its cultivation.

So how to keep maidenhair recommended in pots that are a little closer to him, each spring the plant should be transplanted.

In the process of the growth of ferns becomes more. Take the soil based on peat. You can prepare the substrate and independently. For this you need to mix the peat with the ground and a large white sand, adding a bit of fertilizer.

Propagated plants can be a way of dividing, but it’s quite a long process. Therefore it is better to grow from spores of adiantum.

If you notice that the leaves begin to wilt, they need to cut, plant spray and wait, when will appear new.