Maiden grapes pyatilistochkovy

maiden grapes pyatilistochkovy

Not so many ornamental plants that can be used for design of the arch, the ugly suburban buildings, decorations, gazebos and so on.

My choice fell on a maiden grapes pyatilistochkovy, this vine has a beautiful palmately compound leaves on long stalks, which in autumn turn orange-red or purple.

The fruits are bluish-black with a bluish bloom. There are three decorative forms: «Engelman» (f. Engelmanii), wall (f. murorom), hairy (f. hirsuta).

Maiden grapes pyatilistochkovy

In addition to the beautiful appearance of the grapes pyatilistochkovy has a number of other advantages that many gardeners use this culture to decorate their suburban areas.

He endures cold, which undoubtedly is a big plus for many regions of Russia, demanding to the fertility of the soil, feels equally comfortable in the shade and in the sun.

Maiden grapes pyatilistochkovy very rarely sick, and its not like garden pests, they are just it does not start.

Foliage is retained until late autumn, just change the color, so the plot just changed.

Parthenocissus requires little maintenance and grows very quickly as

maiden grapes pyatilistochkovy

and many vines. The plant is a perennial, and in one season of germination reaches 2-3 meters.

Due to this feature with the formation of shoots no need to drag it, otherwise, instead of decorating get gained a shapeless green MOP.

Best pyatilistochkovy young shoots of grapes mounted on vertical supports guiding in the right direction.

Not needed, not there growing shoots are cut off with garden shears. At the initial stage, girlish grapes need to be tied up, as you grow, to help him would no longer be necessary, he will gain a firm foothold with the help of tendrils and suckers, which even holds on vertical walls with a rough surface.

maiden grapes pyatilistochkovy

After the formation of the skeletal branches, should be conducted only sanitization that is removed is damaged, weak and unnecessary shoots of the grapes. It is carried out in the dormant period. The cut is above the healthy kidney.

Maiden grapes pyatilistochkovy, one flight is able to close the area up to 15 kV/m. If necessary the plant can be cut to the desired height and form a new stronger shoots.

Moderate Watering is carried out as the drying of the soil, feeding girl grapes carried out at the necessity of complex fertilizers.

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