Lunar calendar of the gardener — gardener

Lunar calendar of the gardener — gardener – is an indispensable helper for all gardeners on the way to a good harvest.

Fruits, vegetables, berries, flowers, bushes and trees will be your pride, subject to a monthly cycle.

We’ve published a full lunar calendar of the gardener — gardener on, with the recommended work in the garden and the garden at your cottage.

Those who once used the lunar calendar, he felt the difference in yield compared to the failure to comply with such recommendations. It is clear from the communication of Internet users in the suburban forums.

The lunar calendar is Advisory in nature and reports the best time for planting and sowing of plants, pinching, pruning and a lot of other information.

Month for its state and dynamics of the monthly traffic is the richest cosmic body, it is taken into account in the recommendations of the lunar calendar for agricultural work.

Very important information for gardeners is a complete change of moon phase: new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter.

These phases influence the growth and development of plants, on the quality parameters of the harvest.

No need to rush planting and replanting in the critical days drakonische lunar month, but preventive measures against pests and diseases is the most appropriate.

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