Lunar calendar of the gardener-gardener of June 2016

Garden work, which is recommended on certain days of the lunar calendar, and that will give the best result.The days when working with plants in the garden not recommended:June 1 – planting and transplanting of fruit trees. You can arrange hedges.

June 2 – put the compost heap, fight against pests.

June 3 – can restore order on the field and in the greenhouse. To plant anything.

June 4 – full moon. With plants it is better not to work.

5 June – planted in open ground heat-loving perennial flowers, radish.

June 6 – it is recommended to conduct mineral supplements in the flower beds. All pour.

June 7 – in the evening it is advisable to transplant rhizomatous perennials and peonies.

June 8 – make supports for climbing plants, to gather herbs.

June 9 – wait with any work associated with the garden.

June 10 – you can plant asters, Crocus, grape.

June 11 – make fertilizer. Plant in open ground pumpkin, squash.

June 12 – well to sow flowers, radishes, beans.

June 13 – ukurennaya cuttings, you can do the feeding.

June 14 – do not use the roots and leaves.

June 15 – you can plant tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini in the open ground.

16 June – transplanting, planting different types of flowers and vegetables.

June 17 – okay to deal with pests living in the soil.

June 18 – you can handle a mustache, vegetables and flowers with poor root formation.

June 19 – new moon. You can mow the grass.

June 20 – hilling potatoes. Weeding, hoeing, watering

June 21 – it is good to clean the garden of fallen nature, tainted fruit.

June 22 – pacenkaite, pinch, remove excess shoots.

June 23 – Spud, loosen.

June 24 – good plant and transplant herbs.

June 25 – well watered in the garden, feed them organic matter.

26 June – feed the gooseberries, raspberries, currants organic matter.

June 27 – pacenkaite, remove mustache, multiroute.

28 June – spray the trees, loosen, Spud, perekapyvayut.

From 29 June to destroy the weeds.

June 30 – you can collect the berries for freezing.

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