Lunar calendar of the gardener — gardener of April 2016

Given garden and garden work, which will give the best result in a certain lunar day, and days when the plants are not desirable.April 1 Planting, sowing, transplanting should be postponed. To restore order in the garden.2 APR – Control, protective spraying of garden trees and shrubs. April 3 – you Can do the planting greens, cabbage, leafy crops and legumes. April 4 – Guide anecortave fertilizing with organic fertilizers. April 5 – In the morning you can enjoy planting melons. April 6 – full Moon. Work with plants need to be postponed. You can plan future plantings. April 7 – Landing is not recommended. You can spray the garden from pests. April 8 – Visivite seedlings roots. You can do a transfer of roses. April 9 – Plant celery, asparagus, beans, cabbage and leafy greens. April 10 – Planting should be completed before lunch. In the afternoon you can enjoy cutting of trees. April 11 – Treat trees and shrubs. Form decorative bushes. April 12 – good day for planting. Spend the spraying of fruit trees and bushes against pests. On 13 April you Can sow the seedlings of cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, eggplant. April 14 – Sow seedlings melons. You can fertilize with mineral fertilizer. April 15 – Destroy pests. It is possible to transplant dahlias, peonies. 16 APR – Watering and fertilizing are not desirable. Visivite dried flowers. April 17 – Enjoy a change of flowers. Plant trees. April 18 – Take the land. Sow dill. Plant in the garden the peonies and daffodils. April 19 – Plant tomatoes, peppers, onions intended for long term storage. April 20 – Good to transplant ornamental shrubs, planted annuals. April 21 – new Moon. From lawn and garden work need to abstain. A day of rest. April 22 – Spray fruit trees from diseases and pests. April 23 do Not plant root crops. You can sow leafy greens and herbs. April 24 – good Day for planting bulbs and abundance of flowering plants. April 25 – do Not use soil. You can destroy the pests on the earth. April 26 – Unleash the raspberry bushes. Strawberries should be covered with the film. 27 APR – to Plant seedlings of onions and vegetables intended for long term storage. April 28 – Air greenhouse. Proplyvaya and remove unwanted shoots. Can not be watered. 29 April – plantings set aside. Not to dive. April 30 – Fed organic fertilizers. Swipe spraying against fungal diseases.

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