Luculia — care at home


Increasingly, residents cool regions trying to grow on their windowsills, greenhouses and winter gardens with exotic flowers.

Especially nice to enjoy their blooming garden in autumn and winter.

As if outside the window the summer and bright flower bed just moved from the country to the house.

One of these plants is Luculia (Luculif gratissima) of the family Rubiaceae. In nature this is a rare beautiful flowering shrub, reaches a height of 6 m. In southern regions it blooms in the open ground.

In Luculia grows well under certain farming practices. Flowering times from different varieties are different. The most beautiful and fragrant plants that bloom in winter.

Inflorescence the flowers look like Phlox and very fragrant. During budding, the bushes remind white and pink clouds on a background of delicate elliptic leaf emerald color.

Growing luculia

 Location and lighting

Luculia does not like bright continuous lighting. It grows well in partial shade. The light should be diffused without direct sunlight.

The potted flower is not desirable to put on the South window sills and next to a powerful winter heating.


For abundant flowering is necessary to moderate the temperature all year round. In winter, its optimal value is around 15°C.

Watering and humidity

During the summer should be watered abundantly, the plant every 3 to 4 days. On hot days and before the heating season irrigation necessary in addition to carry out spraying.

It should be done early in the morning before the heat or late in the evening. Lukulu you can’t overdry, but at the same time, when excess water quickly rot the roots.

If you frequently get water on the leaves, they too can rot. In winter it is impossible to feed and water. Otherwise Luculia will not flower.

The appearance of brown spots on the leaves tells about the sun burn. To resolve this negative factor it is necessary to move the pot away from the window glass.


Feeding Luculia is only in the period of active growth 1 -2 times a month complex fertilizers for houseplants.

Transplantation and propagation

Reproduction Luculia possible by cuttings and seeds. To get a good handle not just. This rare plant is easier to buy the flower lovers than in stores.

Cultivation from cuttings is not difficult. But the seed selection is huge and you can try to grow this flower.

The main thing is to fulfill all the requirements for working with the seeds of tropical plants. And then you can watch, enjoy and wonder at all phases of the development of this exotic plant.

Special requirements to the soil for planting there. You can use ready mixes of land for beautiful flowering plants.

It is very important to make a good drainage. Annually transplant only young plants. This should be done carefully without breaking once the root system. Better handling in the other pot.

After the end of the flowering period it is necessary to trim shoots. Bush will not be as high, but more compact and beautiful, creating comfort and special tropical heat in the house.

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