Log cabin baths, wooden houses

frame baths

The frame house of logs, to date, the best opportunity to purchase housing.

These buildings are built very fast, requires minimal involvement of the customer, and have exceptional environmental properties.

Moreover, after the construction of the frame is completely ready for living and doesn’t even require finishing, because wood has a beautiful appearance both inside and out.

The rationality of the choice of wood as building material is due to its other advantages.

Thermal conductivity of wood is much lower than the average brick, about 5 times, making it a truly indispensable material in the construction of houses in cold climates.

This house is very cool in summer and warm in winter will stay long in the room.

The frame can be done in two main ways, in terms of logging. We are talking about the log cabin «in the bowl» and «paw.»

The difference in these concepts is that cutting «in the Cup» means that the logs will extend beyond the walls, and the cabin «in a paw», by contrast, means the sawing of the logs exactly at the corners of the structure.


Most durable houses that are «prestroika» is removing the top layer of wood, which allows not to disturb the top layer of logs, as in industrial processing.

This allows you to keep «plugged» the holes with the resin that will be felt in the future a pleasant aroma of natural resins.

If we consider the tree, it is perfect not only for the construction of the dwelling. Wooden baths are also very practical. And, in principle, what could be better than a genuine Russian bathhouse, which was built according to all canons?

The main and indisputable advantage of wood compared to other construction materials for the bath, that it positively affects the health of everyone who visits bath.

The most common variant of the bath this room is broken into 4 equal rectangular pieces (or 2, in the case of the Russian Banya – the steam room and dressing room): steam bath, washing, lobby and lounge.

The furnace in the bath, in any case, must be placed to simultaneously heat almost all rooms, while most of the heat must go into the steam room.

But no matter what the project for its construction you choose, if the choice fell on a building material, like wood, then you can’t go wrong anyway!

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